Thx for an encumberance helmet that shows hair

Eventhough the Yamatai Demon Mask puts a hairy grin on my face, i’m still loving how it doesn’t up my armor rating from light to medium, and offers the same encumbrance bonus as it’s vanilla counterparts (at least at flawless epic level), as opposed to the Conan Circlet and last but not least let’s me enjoy the lovely well animated long french braid hair style.


If it was just that alone, it would have been enough for me to buy the DLC.

I highly encourage you folks to release more hairstyle friendly helmets in the future. It certainly has value.

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Or even impliment what you did in Age of Conan and have a seperate tab where you can chose what armor to visually display while actualling wearing gear that has good stats but looks like crap. It goes a long way for RP.

Or if you can mod your game, you worship all that consists of the Fashionist mod.

A wardrobe system has been suggested for as long as CE existed, but so many issues had cropped up that the wardrobe was pressed into the sidelines.

But it is a good point about the mod.

Is it possible to play SP modded and Official servers unmodded on the same client, now that the modloader is out?

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