Change armor for Yamatai and Vanir

would it be possible to change the helmet for the medium level Yamatai armor from a simple face mask to a full conical helmet ? Also, the vanir light armor helmet consisting of ear rings - can this too be changed to an actual helmet?

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I doubt they do it, but i actually like to have the earings from the light vanir set, it’s like having no helm but with the bonuses from the armor. As for the yamatai armor, i don’t have that dlc so i don’t know.

I rather have a vanity headpiece option, or even better, a complete vanity armor set, to look how i want but with the bonuses i need :^)


I hope not. It’s one of the only ways to wear armor and also allow your character’s hairstyle to display.


On my private server the earrings are also in use. Changing them to full helmets would bring down the wrath of my lady-players.


Yep. I, too, love the “not-helmets” for cosmetic purposes.

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