Medium Armor Headpiece, a Cosmetic Suggestion

I noticed, when reading the description of the headpiece, that it stated it came with a little dust mask that I assumed would block out the sandstorm. Doubly so considering the actual sandstorm mask is just a light armor headpiece with a little added cloth around the mouth. I’d suggest instead of this being the default appearance of the medium armor headpiece, it be made into a cosmetic change you can configure on or off during dyeing. Honestly, there’s one thing about brutal difficulty, there’s another thing about misleading people. I’m all for misleading them when it involves something like saying “There’s treasure over here!” But actually, it’s a trap! However, I’m not alright with misleading something like “This headpiece filters out the dust!” which automatically brings to mind that it defends against a sandstorm. Which it does not.
Basically, trick me by promising treasure, but having a mimic eat my face. Don’t trick me with armor that looks like it should do something, but doesn’t.
Hope it’s not too much to ask, and also, great work on making this game into something amazing from what it was when people first started looking at it. Fantastic work.

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