Request : Apply Sand Storm / Gas mask Armour upgrade to Helmets

I cannot be the only one to be dismayed I have to put all my thralls in the woefully pathetic Sandstorm masks / Settite masks. The way poison clouds work it forces you to lose your helmet armour rating not to mention visually clashing with what ever set your wearing.

I propose adding a gas/sandstorm mask filter attachment you can simply apply to any helmet meaning both players and thralls can benefit from their correct helmets and have poison protection too. To not make the sand storm mask redundant make it a Master Armoursmith upgrade craft-able.

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You are not alone. Haven’t tried to dye one, but even if we could, I feel that this specific mask item as a solution to the sandstorm comes too late as a feat (as it’s one of the first ideas I myself got). I feel like the sandstorm needs to be upgraded as well to give a proper challenge. I feel like the huge sandstorm needs to force us into walking speed when it comes to our travel pace and only have the health drop in a slow enough speed only to be nullified by any mask we forge onto our face. This way the majestic storm would still have an impact.

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Dying is a huge improvement

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100% agree that sandstorms should be buffed. I’ve always wanted sandstorms to play a bigger role than just forcing noobs to build a sandstone 2x2. I would personally love for sandstorms to last up to like 5-7 minutes, but it might be tough for newer players and annoying waiting for 5 minutes. Maybe they should add in a cloth sandstorm mask made out of plant fiber with the ability to withstand one sandstorm just for newer players?

However, the mods on helmets are something I don’t agree with. You shouldn’t be allowed to put a gas mask on your thrall and still have 76% armor reduction. It’s a tradeoff.

Why only sand storm tho. Something like blizzard in a cold climate and tropical storm in swamp jungle would be great for this two environments.

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A simple tent could suffice. Made a comment about one in another thread. Simple tent would be able to withstand a single sandstorm and we would be able to repair them as well. To build one, we would need fiber, branches, vines and rocks or just fiber, branches and rocks.


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