Mod to make any helmet a sand mask

With so many helms available, it is ashame on PVP servers all thralls wear 1 of three
The sandstorm mask (new clans)
The dafari looking recipe from UC (RNG gods)
the God breaker (meta due to its durability.).

Would love instead for a recipe learned from some where that allows for a modification that adds the sandmask ability. Make it cost hardened steal like most of the master or advanced kits.

Would really liven up some of the generic aesthetics of PVP servers.


You could install “Fashionist” and then put on God Breaker helmet, but change the actual appearance via Fashionist mod. For example the people see Zamorian Thief Hood but in reality you wear godbreaker helmet.

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Console. Again, mods are great, but this seems to be overdue as a default. And i don’t want to transmogrify.

Forgot the Setite mask. But yeah, this would be a nice addition. Make it cost layered silk so it’s moderately expensive and make it add weight or reduce armor or something for balance.



Layered Silk + breathing potion…think the silk is soaked in the elixir used for longer breath.

And just an add on, may be this is also available to create att perks for armor. Not change it, but add +1 to each piece it is applied to.

Layered Silk + elixir of STR/VIT/ENC/ACC/SUR/GRIT/AGI depending on what you want.

And to make sure PVP can tell someone has a modified version of armor, an icon on their health bar that looks like layered silk.

I may try to make this mod now that I think about it. Sure there is a version already that makes the game more DnD like fashionista, but this would be fun to try and break in my modding chops and stay closer to the core ideas of Conan officials.


@WhatMightHaveBeen, Well I believe that they could add an armor modification that can make all the helmets gas mask, or sandstorm mask :wink:. All you had to choose is between bulked plating, or gas protection. And it would be awesome if purge armorers could be the only ones who can fix this modification. The way they did it right now I disagree, though I am a ps4 player and i didn’t play with these changes, I don’t like the crafter nerf they did so the new benches will be very acceptable. Still this is me :wink:.

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Oh, mod kit. Not a PC mod. (Shoulders drop from disappointment that it’s not the fun kind of mod discussion).


Console guys need something fun lol.
Ironically, without any mods the console gamers need consoling for thier sadness of lack of mods:(


We really wish to discuss this matters, I wish in ps5 they will finally allow us to bye mods, we need it, want it badly. Mods give more RP reasons to play, that means more unstoppable fun for the pve, pvec, lovers. However how does the idea of @WhatMightHaveBeen sounds to you, I would love to read your opinion about it, thank you.

Some mods…but as pvp player I am hoping for some sort of raid mods to add depth to it.

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PvP player and RPer… I play this game a lot. I love this idea. If it was balanced properly, would be a really cool addition.

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