Make item for upgrading helmets to poison mask

All my human thralls must wear that wierd looking gasmask item because every raider comes thinking poison bombs will kill my thralls, maybe you can make an (expensive) item upgrade to make any helmet into a gasmask , as it is now it looks very wierd and breaks any immersion when every thrall has that mask on and at least has one always in the inventory.


I don’t think that the gas mask effect is supposed to be “upgrade” infused, its a benefit from wearing the piece like having an attribute on it, and turning the effect to an upgrade format would defeat the purpose of the gas mask. More varieties would be nice, we did get 1 in the form of a legendary armor piece but it shouldn’t be an upgrade component.


would be nice if there more varietes of masks (in dlc maybe would be cool) or item not for upgraiding to gas mask, but for change a helmet (important: helmet which looks like it can be sandstorm protected like turanian heavy or relic hunter, yamatai demon and etc)

after you use this item on matching (which looks like sandstorm protected) helmet, this helmet:

  • lost bonus for any characteristics

  • lost 80% or 90% armor it have (to not give more than standard gas mask)

  • lost about 50% durability

  • gets gas protection

insofar as helmet will be “upgraded” it can no longer be improved, the usual improvements for armor, I think, should leave him a little more dutability than the mask (depends on class of its helmet, cause if it was heavy helmet it still heavy and have at least more durability)

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