Gas masks vs. Food?

Something I’ve been wondering. In the past when raiding, if the enemy thralls did not have gas masks then it seemed like it was extremely easy to take them out with a fairly small number of poison gas arrows. On recent raids it seems to me that even without a gas mask that if an enemy thrall is fully loaded with food, the gas arrows are almost non-effective?

Not sure if it is just my imagination or I’m just seeing thralls with extremely high levels of health but now I’m wondering if better to give my defending thralls gas masks (with the downside of reduced armor if I do not have Godbreaker helms) or give them normal helmets and just load them up with food.


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So I haven’t been keeping up with the news as much as I did in the past. Is this a new change with the latest patches?

As mentioned in past, I could bring a stack or two of poison gas arrows and wipe most base defenders (without masks). Now they seem to heal about as fast as I can damage them.

Sounds like I should quit investing in gas masks and just go for the extra armor value of normal helmets?

Thank you

so is it worth stack exotic feast food into thralls and not bother with gas mask?

Food combined with a very high survival may be just as effective. Have not fully tested, as as soon as my clan gets anywhere near a decent set up on new servers, we get into skirmishes that i can’t afford the time to test out things :confused:

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While better protection against gas seems to have been on the collective wish list for a while (and I’m super keen to test the potential of Survival buffage @WhatMightHaveBeen alludes to), I’d expect thrall/pet healing to hold to same mechanics we deal with as players, ie. healing stops when you take damage.

If healing via food is outpacing gas damage with no protection, it’s probably a bug-worthy kind of deal.

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Cannibal Brutes also seem to really grow the Agility. I have one with a 80 survival, 60 Agility. with Flawless Heavy Agility Armor she has around 1550 Armor rating. And 8000 health.


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