Thralls have auto heal or gas no affect them?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: ¿?
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Yesterday we go to raid a base with dozens of thrall with silent legions and god breaker gear, all of them was relic hunters (archers & figthers) if they have godbreaker full armor (inclusive helmet) they get damage from gas poisoned but his live down less of 1% after 1minut and his passive renew heals them, it’s imposible kill them with gas arrows…

Are there changes about it?
gas poisoned are affected by the armor value?

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godbreaker helmet is also a gas mask , so they took 1 damage from the arrow but no damage from gas.


now i understand, no label on it, isnt true?

If you wear the godbreaker helmet it tells you you have a sandstorm mask on. But yeah it doesnt tell you that if a thrall is wearing it.

HAven’t really paid attention. But if you see the thralls health bar, it should have a mask on it like ours does when we don a sandstorm/gas mask . If not, then it is bugged.



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