Changing from helmet to sandstorm mask does not stop gas debuff (Shattered Springs)

Game mode: Online official - 1004
Type of issue: Bug - armor
Server type: PvE

  • Entered Shattered Springs with Sandstorm mask on. All working as intended.
  • After some time by mistake equipped Aquilonian infantry helmet. As intended immediately started the gas debuff.
  • After reequipping Sandstorm mask, the debuff did not go away, but increased stacking.
  • Leaving the area stopped the debuff (as intedned).

First time experencing this (I usually pay attention to wear my HAZMAT attire) :smile:
Also do not recall seeing something like this posted.

Some moving pictures of the issue. To note, I did try different combinations of head free/with helmet/with sandstorm mask all with same result. I did try only with sandstorm mask and epic flawless aquilonian Infantry helmet (!!) combinations.

I have experienced this myself and others have written of it some time ago. Have to leave area for sandstorm mask to work again believe Funcom is aware.

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Thank you. Must have overlooked

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No problem I have been on this forum since release hard to remember when things show up and come back months later.

Meo, let me add to this, if I may. I noticed you have a thrall with you in the springs. Long ago I took a bearer with me and forgot that his pack used the same slot as breathing mask.

I was on the second pool, having cleared the first one, and the bearer dropped dead with no enemies in sight. I can only assume this was from the gas since temperature does not affect thralls.

Knowing your server probably has different settings, have you ever had that issue?



@Jim1, this is from official 1004 PVE.
I have never noticed thrall taking damage there, apart from fighting local wildlife. But also to note that I lately spend only brief periods of time there (clearing 1 pool max)

Thanks for that, Meo. I stopped using the pools because of all the brimstone that drops in Sep and I actually do not use much of it anymore. I get it from around the Pagoda and Buc bay sometimes.

We do actually have another reason to go to Buc bay that I have yet to test, but there is a new recipe in the Flotsam and it sounds like better warmth. Dralokyn also mentioned an underwater cave that has Brewing III with extra cooling there.

I may take a thrall into the pools in solo just to see if anything happens. This was so long ago, they may have patched it or my memory may be off. I do remember posting about it.



PS: Private server, no mods, PvE, friendly fire is off.

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