Breathing mask doesn't work!

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Pvp official 3143 eu

Hello ! I got a bug with a breathing mask! The breathing mask no longer protects against sandstorms and poisonous gas !!! I fought the boss on the sulfur lake (I was wearing a mask) and so. there was a berserker with me., the boss killed me, I was reborn at the base, took another mask and ran to the grave. after running into the lake, I began to receive the effect of poisoning (although the mask icon is also actively shown in the interface). I took my things and ran away, since then I have reinstalled the game twice, but the gas and sandstorm still cause damage through the masks !!! !! I ask you for help, I do not want to lose progress, otherwise I will delete the game and fix all the reviews. I spent too much time on this server and in the game in general. waiting for your reply soon! I want to play like a healthy person.]

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You won’t hear from Funcom till Monday there time. Hopefully your sersiver has reset had reset and things are working properly. Having some problems myself thralls looking like they have armor on when they don’t. NOT SURE what is happening playing on a private server. You might try putting sandstorm mask on a thrall then wearing it. @ARTIFACTUS


Thanks friend ,but your advice didn’t help (((

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@stelagel hey friend have you run into this. Thanks you.

I have been playing for a very long time, but this is the first time I have such a glitch! support doesn’t answer … I don’t know what to do (((

Automatic reply: Help!!!help!!!

Eirik Leganger Nergård 1 ноября 2020 г., 16:58
Hello and thank you for your email! I’ll be out of the office October 22 – November 4.

If this is an urgent matter, please contact CMO Erling Ellingsen at Otherwise, I will be happy to respond to your email as soon as possible after my return.


Eirik N|

You are right friend! Vipe fix this glith!

Did you ask others on the server if there sandstorm mask was working
I have used One multiple times over the weekend and it worked. That was on a private server but should not make a difference.

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