Sandstorm bug on official pve

During a sandstorm when I’m in full protection I still take damage no matter what level of protection although I don’t know if it affects those with sandstorm breathing mask because I’m not high enough to craft them yet


@s148147 you need the Sandstorm mask otherwise hide in your shelter. Along the river there are places you can hide. Keep wraps or potions on you
. Sandstorm actually passing through the majority of our base. Logging out with mask on. @s148147 welcome to the Forum. Alot of strange things going on right now. Invisible npcs thralls not granting access to inventory.

I thought it was only with the new construction of the pyramid, I received damage from the sandstorm also inside the safe place


Still happening today. My wife can be in one part of base and get sandstorm me in another and be safe and vice-versa at times we can be together and only one gets hit. Don’t know if foundations for walls would help or not.

Can confirm this is happening on my server on PC.

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Can confirm my partner is playing on ps4 pro and i am joining him on a coop map on a standard ps4. He is safe in any shelter and i die every time there is a sandstorm. Also not a hight enough level to test sandstorm masks out

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