Gas mask, Witch Doctor's mask not working

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: North America, PvP #3610

Hi, after the recent patch, my character is unable to breath in toxic atmosphere.

I used to do a lot of PvP, so I always carry more than 1 gas mask in the inventory.

And most of times, I wear gas mask to do anything.

However, since the most recent patch or the 2nd recent patch that added new DLC,

my character cannot breathe with masks on.

I tried witch doctor’s mask, and gas masks. tried more than 10 different masks but I still lose HP inside gas smokes in volcano.

This is ridiculous issue and affects the gameplay seriously.

Can you fix it asap?

PSN: Crimson_Hyde


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on to official north american pvp server
  2. put gas mask on
  3. go to volcano gas spots
  4. My character gets damaged by gas

Oh, that bug is still in the game…

You cannot swap one gas mask with another!!

Or lets say, you can, but then you dont get the bonus of “gas mask” :wink:

Just equip any other helm, without gas-mask bonus. Then equip gas mask :wink:

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Hello @Hidekii, thank you for reaching out!

There is a known issue with the gas masks, as jot29 has mentioned, that seems to occur when logging out then back in with a mask, which will prevent the protecting buff you until you equip any helmet other than ones that protect you from gas.

It should be addressed in an upcoming update, apologies for the inconvenience.

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