Sandmask no longer protecting from toxic gas?

Server: Testlive EU3

Sandmask doesn’t work to protect against the gas in the volcano:

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May be a dumb question (you are a veteran after all), but did you have the mask on when you enter, or put it on after you entered the gas?

Because i have noticed it matters in the brimstone area. If you put mask on after you start getting the noxious gas poison, it doesn’t stop it fromn stacking. I have to leave, remove mask, then put it back on and then enter that area for it block it.

You took your mask off in non-gas area at the end by toggling the Aquilonian Helmet and it cleared all 7 stacks. I believe it is intentional, as @WhatMightHaveBeen says can be remedied by leaving the gas area and removing the mask. If you’ve ever been in IRL gas and then deployed your mask, you know how you’ve been trained to clear it, and to me this is a reasonable in-game facsimile.


To be honest I find your video a little confusing as you start it with the noxious gas effect and sandstorm mask equipped… it would be clearer if you showed a sequence from when you clearly did not have the noxious gas effect and then gained it. … and whether you had the sandstorm mask on before you got the gas effect or that you equipped it after gaining the gas effect but it failed to clear the effect or stop it from stacking.

If you put your sandstorm mask on after you were in the noxious gas then this is a very old bug that I thought funcom had fixed.
I’d have to search back in the forums to find that bug report and see if it was resolved or just left as the team has been informed. As I’m on my phone a t m it’s rather hard to do that search.

I can do that.
The situation is as follows:

  • No sandstorm mask was equipped
  • Ran into the area with the toxic gas
  • got 5 stacks of poison
  • equipped sandstorm mask
  • got 6 stacks of poison
  • ran a bit further
  • got 7 stacks of poison
  • ran outside the gas
  • take of mask
  • got 0 stacks

I get the ‘gas inside the mask’ thing IRL (I was in the military)
But game wise, I would expect the effect of the gas stopping as soon as I put the mask on.
It should not stack any-more.

I just did a quick search of these forums … what Sting01 reported was reported back in May2018

And in the 10.12.18 patch notes it says it was fixed…the 14th line under the Crafting fixes heading… so yep an old bug back again.


This might be because some old frame work on the last patch was used. That is how we got the dismantle crap.

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this changed some patches ago, yes.

After, like said, not really an issue for me, i can live with it. I’m mostly wearing my mask before i get hit by gaz or such. Still god to know for those never experimenting this before, sure.

There still these oldies sliping back in a patch, it’s tiresome often, but yes, happens still. :sweat_smile:

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Great catch. As you can see above, I had my CS-gas-colored glasses on, thinking it was a feature. :madeofstars:

Between this and the dismantling, I’ve got to up my TestLive game, methinks! Two more for the checklist.

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Yes, lists still grow longer, i know.

Also try catch up between different builds, patchnotes, streams, and what is going here on the forum.
And now a part got live. :wink:

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The bug that Sting01 is describing is present in the live game as well.
I’m on an official PvE server and tested his sequence of actions with the gas at Shattered Springs.

Like said, i don’t consider it as bug myself, but yes, it’s also present in current live build, this since a few patches ago (don’t remember exaclty what one).

If you wear you mask before, all is fine. :wink:

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