(PC) Shattered Springs Noxious Gas Bug

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 95349/17735
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link:

Noxious Gas keeps stacking even after equipping the Sandstorm Mask.
Entering the springs with the mask already equipped prevents the effect, but equipping it after allows the debuff to stack as if you were not wearing the mask at all.

Another bug in that area is that if you stand against a stalagmite, the boss will stop attacking you. It was cool though, it allowed me to tank swap with my dancer companion.

Actually I’ve noticed enemies all over the map disengaging when I get too close to a boulder or other large object.

Repro steps:

  1. Enter shattered springs.
  2. Equip sandstorm mask.
  3. Run away because you’re dying.
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