Is this a new thrall change?

So after being raided by a clan, we raided them in return. One thing that was odd though is that even though their thralls had no gas masks (or god breaker helmets) our gas would not really hurt them. Thralls just had normal DLC helmets. I could see the gas indicator on their health bars but seemed like they were regenerating health quicker than the poison gas hurt them.

Thoughts? I did kill several in melee combat and didn’t notice any special foods on them. In the past it was quite easy to kill thralls who didn’t have gas protection.

Is this a recent change or is there some other way to counteract gas?

One last point that may influence answers. They initially had a god bubble which caused issues for our arrows but even after destroying the shrine/bubble we could not really hurt the thralls with gas.

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No me gusta el funcionamiento de los esclavos deverian retokar para que vallla mejor se quedan parados y no atakan y mueren la mayoria al no poder defender

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Its probably the recent AI change. If a NPC/Thrall/Mob cannot reach you, it will leash back to its guard/patrol point and begin regenerating health at a fast rate. You can out damage stuff with smaller health pools like under 1,000. But Thralls have like 4k-15k HP and since the regen is %-based, its not likely.

You’ll have to clear a path for them to get to you and try to take them out one by one. As long as they can reach you, you could have someone with a shield and gas mask just ‘tank’ them, then gas them like that.

What dlc? Because Aquilonian helmet is similar to the commanders helmet. It is for cold and works like a gas mask too.

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