Sandstorm Mask Materials

I got to thinking… While it’s always been made via steel, something I personally find very strange (even if it’s fair, compared to when it’s unlocked and all), would there ever be a chance to switch it to something that’d make more sense? I mean, the mask itself doesn’t in any way look like it’s made of steel, so kind of a nitpicky thing, but it feels somewhat off to me making it via steel.
Probably closer to silk and stone, if anything…

Anywho, only something to consider, if you guys from FC see this ^^
Keep up the awesome work!


I would think the mask is going to require at least minimal metals in it. So iron probably.

One thing that always got me was how long it takes to even reach the Mask to craft it. Like…shouldn’t it be a lower level 10 item.

Most desert people that I’ve see use cloth to wrap their head and cover their eyes during one of these. The steel requirement honestly just seems there to increase the difficulty in getting the item.

Only explanation I have is artificial difficulty.

The moment you are able to make cloth, you should be able to make a face covering.

The only reason it should take longer is to force lowbies to run and hide from sandstorms.

the mask has a full face plate so yeah you could assume metal was involved. Doesnt need to be steel though. Sure other materials can be used to make a full faced hard mask such as hide,ceramics(clay) and what not but metal works as well. So just because its not metallic in color doesnt mean its not metal or doesnt make sense to be metal.

I honestly cant figure out why its not cloth. I dont recall Conan wondering through sandstorms wearing a metal face plate to block out sand.

Honestly the only reason I would think metal should be required would be to have a metal tube and something like charcoal as a filter, but that’s for noxious gases and the like. Not sandstorms.

The mask would probably be a lot more useful if it required iron instead of steel.

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