Sandstorm mask doesn't make sense

Does anyone else think that the recipe to craft the sandstorm mask makes no sense?

It requires 45 steel bars. That’s as many bars of steel as the regular heavy armor requires in iron bars. Yet the Sandstorm mask also somehow magically weighs only 3.15 ???


I play on ps4 and it is 30 without armorer, so yes it makes no sense at all even to ps4 that it is cheaper :man_shrugging:, nice observation :+1:.

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Very much so yes! I always felt it was over-the-top expensive to build.

Can you imagine wearing a mask constructed from 45 steel bars? You’d need neck muscles like Arnie Schwarzenburger just to walk about with it.

I have visions of Leo Dicaprio from that film; ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’


I can overlook it because the mask is more of an instrument that unlocks new gameplay options that you should work on. But yes, if you look at it logically, you wear a heavy chunk of steel on your head. xD


Setite masks also give gas protection, only costs a few hearts and some fiber. Sandstorm masks are unreasonably expensive, honestly.


Sandstorm Mask - actual graphic


Traps after wearing it - actual result!



I always fix a female full gifted character, no muscles at all with a stunning body. Dude she eats all the time and she takes no grammar, I eat only 3 times the day and I am 110 kg, life’s a beach. :joy::joy::joy:

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Back in EA it was actually cheaper to make a new steel pick than it was repair one.
We used to just use them till they broke drop them and make a new one.
So I stopped looking for things to “make sense” long ago. :wink:

We also use to farm mats naked because you couldn’t move while encumbered, and no armour meant more carry weight.

Ah the good old days. :slight_smile:


Famous miner of old days…!

WARNING! He has his tool with him!


You guys got it all wrong! You need 45 steel bars because the different filters of the mask are carved from the solid steel bars. There’s a lot of waste in the process (same thing when you convert wood to shaped wood… Did you realize how many trees go in a single wall?)
If your want to make the mask great again you need to either save all the steel chips and remelt them in a special forge or have a rolling mill to make thin flat products from metal bars.
You’re welcome :slight_smile:


finally someone noticed
fully rugged equipment is made like that, can’t weld or join pieces in any way, shape is carved from solid blocks of material, the amount of waste scrap going as high as 90% mass

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Thanks! It’s always a pleasure to feel like my superior intellect is somehow acknowledged :slight_smile:


And here I thought wrapping a wet towel around my head would be enough. Those atlanteans knew a thing or two about hepa filters.

I understand , but 45 BARS? There’s waste and then there’s waste.

That being said, I do not know how BIG these said bars are, so yeah.

I fact, while I think about it, why is steel used anyway? Surely wood, bone or ceramic would have been a more, realistic and logical choice (especially when you compare it to RL versions)

On a different note entirely, regarding the painted nekkid miner guy…

I find it funny, that he took the time to decorate his…um… tool as well. Now here’s a man who goes the extra mile…

It’s all about the details people.