Races and armors

So, devs add new armor of different races. All the armor can be studied. I do not like the idea that any race can learn the armor of another race. I think this is a bad idea and contradicts lore world of Conan. I do not like that a stygian or a pict (?!) knows how to do cimmerian armor. It is not right.
I suggestion that each race had only his armor sets (clothes, light, medium and heavy armor). If the player wants the armor of another race (for example, сimmerian armor), then let him be friends with the player of this race or grab the slave of this race (сimmerian armorship). You can also add recipes in camps npc. I think this is a good idea for the cooperation of players, trading on the server. In addition, this determines their difference in pvp. It will be interesting.
You also mixed things in different races. For example, any player can make a stygian bed. It is better that this thing could do only stygian player. etc.

This part of the game has a huge potential. If you decide to mix all the armor for all players, you will lose this potential. After the release of the possibility to change this part of the game will not be. I have already suggested the idea. I want this game to be interesting. I do not want the game to lose its potential.


i would love this and it is also great idea for future updates.

Well, you don’t actually “know” how to make anything other than your grass pants right off the cross. From that moment onward, you’re an Exile first, and a Stygian/Cimmerian/Khitan second. From a pure lore point of view, I’d assume that the levels and feats represent mastery over the respective craft and study of found examples.

From a gameplay perspective, it feels like a really bad idea. You have no way of knowing what Cimmerian armor looks like, how heavy/med/light plays, or the stats and materials required when you pick your race on the cross. That is a lot of info that can’t really be broken down into a general theme like say, religions. On top of that, learning a new religion is as simple as finding the teacher.

While there are armor and weapon recipes found out in the world, those act like free fear points. Having too many points starts to reduce the meaning and choice a player makes when selecting their feats. Epic armies tend to get expensive if you start picking all of them, leaving little room for other things.

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The player who chose the сimmerian race must know what his armor should be. :rofl: He does not must to know how to make armor of other races, if he does not have a slave or friend player of this race. Wrong, if he learned somewhere in start of game how to do Stygian or darfari armor. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this could be a interesting idea, but its still alot of work no matter how you approach it, they dont have armor sets for each race so alot of races would either be cut, or would go without armor.

I think the easiest way they could do this would be, Every new character gets a starter set of armor based on the race choice. (Instead of crafting normal fiber cloth, they would have a race armor)
As you progressed throughout crafting tiers, which would be your generic standard (No race armors)
Such as Light armor, Medium, Heavy, Reptile, Vanir and any others that are not already race named.

However since you crafted your race armor at the start of the game, the only way to bring it up to speed without adding MORE race armors for level/tier variation would be to “Skin” another item with your racial set. (Giving you the option to apply the general look while keeping the form of the base armor it was applied to, easiest way to do that would be the colours to a armor set of your choice, Maybe also adding a few race-specified touch-ups to the generic armor, Example:Maybe a Zingarian has a gold pouch and other pirate theme’d knick-knacks on his armor)

Eitherway its a cool idea, but i dont think its possible at this point. Its a major undertaking and would consume alot of time. I myself just hope they focus this idea into the thralls like they have slightly begun to do. They really need to make the thralls race impactful and meaningful as well as deverse.

armor, weapon and bed, specially the bed.
all player should be able to craft only the basic item, like grass cloth and hide loin cloth. all race related items should be unlocked by specific type of thrall from specific race, this will make them finally meaningful in the game, and save player’s feats. it’s a pain to invest the feats, its not lore-friendly, and looks like a lame MMO rather than a badaxe survivor hardcore game.

How is it so far-fetched or unreasonable that an Exile can learn the armor of another culture?

Look at Reptile armor. It reportedly comes from somewhere in the Black Kingdoms. Should only people of Kush or Darfar be able to craft it?

How can a stygian know how to make a сimmerian armor? He can know how to make his own armor, armor own culture. In order to learn how to make armor of another race, he needs a slave armorship or player in this race. It would be more logical.

This is a special armor from the boss. Player has studied the recipe for this armor in dungeon. The question is not factional armor, not armor of the dungeon. It’s about the armor of different cultures.

for me, i don’t even think that a Cimmerian exile would know how to make a Cimmerian armor, to make a armor is tricky, one may need to dedicate months to learn the basic, better let a thrall to handle that, err… i mean the professional. meanwhile, i will go outside to slay an epic beast, such as a baby kappa


There are already some factional armors that work in that way (i.e. Hyena Armor), so it wouldn’t be unfeasible mechanically to make it happen. However, I do not want to play Hyborian Pokemon just to get cultural armors.

The direction of development on Testlive is a good compromise: cultural armors are unlocked as needed through Feats, while factional/unique armors are unlocked through thralls or exploration.

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Well, I want it. I want to study the world of Hyboria. I would like other players to study this world of Conan. This will be a good reason to study this world. :laughing:

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It’s not a bad system. It’s worked out well enough on Live up until now. Gives players a reason to go out and hunt down the elusive Shemite armorer on the Black Galleon, or what have you.

But! What about raiders? Losing all your cultural armorers is a pain nowadays. It’s one of the reasons I see the developers splitting cultural and factional armors as a compromise. Sure, here’s the cultural stuff, a non-essential reward for leveling. Enjoy. But you want the really neat factional armor? Put in the work, Exile.

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It’s survival. It’s brutal. It will be cool.
Otherwise, if you do not want to lose anything, for this have the PvE or sp.

i think the devs where vehement about character creation choices never affecting game play

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I would agree with the devs on this one. Having different races and armors should be cosmetic, not game play altering (impacting). Having the player “collect” armor styles does promote more purpose in the game (whether its to learn new recipes or ‘collect’ thralls who know how).

I would like the see the player be able to construct ‘basic’ (or standard) forms of objects from spending points on feats, but perhaps a specific style would take extra effort. For example, spending points to learn how to make medium armor boots is freely possible (feats), but to learn Cimmerian style medium armor boots would require a new recipe (such as a loot drop from a Cimmerian armorer) or capturing a Cimmerian armorer to work at one’s base. And of course, if we can ‘rescue’ thralls, the thrall might willingly teach the player (as a reward).

As a roleplayer i support this idea, that each race has his own building and furniture styletype, but for now we have to less stuff inside the game, maybe we can hope for something like this in the near future.

just to point it out they said again on stream yesterday that character creation will never affect gameplay

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Not rp at all, if you are a tailor in neutral land like exiled land, and want make money in this land, you make all armors who can be sold, and even if you are in a particullary land where is a unique cultur, you could make all style you wante make. Do you think, in real life, chinese can only make chinese style things ? (spoilers, NO!). The things we can make is not determined by place we come from, it’s a stupide idea, realy.

how these american peoples can make an asian style sword ?

It’s incredible!

I don’t like this idea also because it’s stupidly essentialist.

This is more along the lines of what i expected the armor and weapon recipes to be… Through racial “knowledge”…

Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against what it is now, but it would add an incredible layer of immersion to the game if only certain races (and therefore, certain racial thralls) could make the specific racial stuff… I’m in for this idea :slight_smile: it’s, as stated, what i initially thought it’d be