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  1. Although suggested with a slight amount on ulterior motive, given I play on an RP server that is set in the Hyborian Lands (using Canon Lore) we have lots of players that role as Vendhyan, Ku$hite and kozaki (Zaporoskan). The 2 aforementioned as pre set race types and albeit kozaki isn’t actually a race they I find it odd that there isn’t armour sets for the culturally rich demographics of the Conan world.

I’m contradiction the new poitain armours were brought in even though there isn’t a preset race for them in the customisation menu.

Given we now how mounts can I suggest in the 2020 bringing out either a DLC or free pieces (I have an idea which you’ll favour, but I don’t blame you) much like you did with the Nobles and Inn keepers outfits that don’t necessary give buffs but fill the gaps of the clothing options for more cultures in the world.

For example to achieve a ‘kozaki’ look is really difficult and yet historical Ukrainian/slavic attire is amazing.

Along with saddles for Hyrkurian, Ku$hite, Zingarian, Vendhyan or even Khari.

I love using colour (and no I don’t mean power ranger pink) so it’d be really nice to see you be able to dye saddles.

  1. Please add more race presets to the game, its truly uh… Immersion breaking to use a preset and role a different race or where an armour set when you know you a playing a kozaki but you are ‘hyborian’.

  2. Lesser God’s system. Let’s face it I think the majority of feedback does not feel the need to implement God’s back into the game (unless you are super into PVP) but I’d say the vast majority do like the altars and the buffs they provide. However there is loads of lesser gods in Conan (my lore isn’t the strongest so ill probably mention some that aren’t considered technically lesser) Bel, Erlik, Ishtar etc it’d be nice to have some kind of iconography for these that give buffs in keeping with what they represent. For example Bel could give you some kind of stealth bonus or ‘encumberance’ relief.

As far as I know Poitain is part of Aquilonia (at least that’s what I got from Age of Conan, basically like a province) so they would be considered aquilonians though at the same time you can’t chose aquilonians as a race when creating a character which I find really weird as well.

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I believe the reasoning behind lumping all the Hyborian races together was because there’s just so dang many, and trying to include them all would very quickly get out of hand. So rather than add individual options for Aquilonians, Nemedians, Brythunians, Hyperboreans, Kothians, Ophirians, Argosseans, Corinthians, and people from the Border Kingdoms, they just said “Ehh, just let 'em pick Hyborian.”

If I had to guess I’d say it was probably mostly a time-saving measure so they could get the rest of the game started without getting hung up on too many relatively minor details starting out and it just hasn’t been seen as a big enough priority to go back and revisit yet, if ever.

And yes, Poitain (and Bossonia, which also comes up a lot in the stories) are Aquilonian provinces.

Anyway yeah, I’d definitely be down for more race options. More anything options in character creation, really.

I like options.


Options are the future!

I totally see why they did the ‘catch all’ Hyborian but in all honesty it doesn’t matter what race you chose the bare bones of the features migrate across all options.

I would like a more robust customiser. Even mods I have don’t provide customising the facial features.

As soon as I posted this I started thinking of so many others that we have dlc for but not actually race like Yamatai. (although Yamatai annoys me anyway because it isn’t REH) lol

Yamatai would be an obvious choice for me as well, and not just because my desk is decorated with souvenirs I bought in Japan. It just seems weird to me that we have the DLC but we can’t actually make Yamatai exiles, forcing players to either choose Khitan and pretend, or basically play a Hyborian Age weeaboo. Sure, it may not be REH-canon, but that’s the bed Funcom made when they put out Seekers of the Dawn.

I’d also like to see a Kambujan option, since their rivalry with Khitai would add some interesting possibilities for roleplayers and I think Khmer stuff looks awesome (Kambuja being an old name for Cambodia and all).

For what it’s worth the Roleplay Aesthetics mod is planned to add more facial options in the future, though they’re all based on celebrities and without seeing them I have no idea how good they’ll be.

But one of them is supposed to be based on Scarlett Johansson, so hey we’d have a perfect Yamatai face heyoooooo. (This is a joke about how she played the Japanese character Motoko Kusanagi in the live action Ghost in the Shell movie.)

I think I recall seeing another mod that added increased facial customizing options too but that was way back in the early Early Access days so it’s probably long dead by now.

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I beg to differ about gods, and for the rest please let me understand: you want altars to become like minecraft beacons? is that what I’m understanding?

I was really confused by this yamatai DLC as well, is this country actually present in any story or is it just completely made up? The imperial east DLC makes sense since it’s Khitai though I wished they had added some more armor sets from Age of Conan’s Rise of the Godslayer expansion, like the Brittle Blade assassin armors, Hyrkanian tribe armors (maybe even the painted horse skins) or Last Legion soldier armors (maybe even some of the T4 sets such as the soldier DPS set or Priest healrating set). But regarding the yamatai expansion, I am really not sure which country it’s supposed to depict, probably some Japanese-like country but I haven’t heard of such a country in hyboria.

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Howard described Aquilonia as a mixed race country, like hyborians are a mixed race people.
Zamorians and Zingarians are a related people from areas around Aquolina
So really you could say any race was born Aquilonian.

Yamatai appeared in the Savage Sword of Conan comics, but not in any of the original Howard stories. Howard didn’t do a whole lot to flesh out that part of the world aside from a few mentions of Khitai here and there so there’s nothing in what he wrote suggesting it didn’t exist, but nothing suggesting that it did either. This has led to a bit of controversy among purists over what Conan sources the game should draw from.

Still holding out hope that future updates and DLCs could include some of those, because Rise of the Godslayer had all my favorite AoC stuff in it.

I’ve never played Minecraft so Im afraid I don’t understand the comparison. I mean I’m a sense they do have worth for the buffs they provide. But I’d like to either see more minor gods implemented or a wealth of more buffs added to the existing ones

Lol celebrity faces sounds interesting, but I prefer playing my own characters. And I totally understood your Yamatai scarlet joke XD

My lore is week, but I’m somewhat previously informed that Yamatai is a totally third party author creation and its a set of islands or island waaayyyy off the coasts of Hyboria.

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