Missing Races In Game

There are many playable races in the game, but some of them have no in-game npcs. For example, Khitani, Tribal Himelians, Picts and Vendhyans. I doubt they were overlooked by the developers specially with the Khitan dlc, but it is curious as to why there are none in the game yet. I imagine designing cultural items for each seperate race is a time consuming process, though I am excited to see which comes next.


I would have to bring in Aquilonians (I am a Greek history nut), especially since we can’t even make their race, yet we can have a bunch of armor and building materials for them.

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I am not sure why they didnt add Aquilonians as a specific race. I assumed Hyborian covered them, but with all the aquilonian items, its strange they didnt get their own. On a side note, from the stories I always assumed Corinth had the more greek styled armor while aquilonia along with poitain were more “medieval” styled, with plate armored knights.

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Well the races don’t have any meaning as it is now. I’d love to see every race to get some minor perk, that would actually affect the long term gameplay. Sometning like 5% more damage with specific racial weapon, 5% more armor with full racial set, 5% chance of double yield of harvesting nation/culture specific item, something really small and neat but not really gamechanging.

I agree. Maybe even just like a 5 point starting bonus for certain stats. Doesnt have to be a big game changer, just something to add some flavor and variety.

Since Aquilonia is one of the hyborian kingdoms (the largest one actually), they are covered by the hyborian race along with Ophireans, Argosseans, Nemedians, etc. They wouldn’t make sense to have them as a seperate people.

5pt stat is potentially 40-50 attribute points saved. That’s pretty big. As it allows easier access to 4th and 5th tier perks.

Right now Race is cosmetic, making it non-cosmetic will change the delicate meta that is already present within the game. Which in turn will likely change the reasons people play races to begin with. It would make the STR, GRT, and VIT races much more stronger than the ACC, END, and SRV races. And race cannot simply be changed by a lotus potion.

I think the better suggestion would be to offer more cosmetic options to the races in the form of bonus feats. Feats that come free with the character for choosing certain races and unlocking at different levels. These cosmetics would be weapons, armors, and decorations, kinda like a mini-DLC.


Conan Exiles got it spot on. Robert E. Howard noted in his literature that the Aquilonians - the people of Aquilonia and its culture - belonged to the Hyborian race. There was some variation within the population. The people of the Bossonian Marches, for example, were a mixture of the Hyborians of Aquilonia and the indigenous population they conquered early on in the history of The Hybroian Age.

Basically, if you want to play an Aquilonian (which I do) you need to select Hyborian as the racial option, choose Mitra as your deity, and make sure you have the Aquilonian DLC :grinning:

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That is a good solution. Armors and weapons that their race would be familair with already upon entering the exiled lands. Other races would still need a Smith or armorer in thier culture to be able to build them otherwise.

I think there needs to be more variety in character creation too.

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I think there needs to be more variety in character creation too.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, we need more than one male and female Khitan face option that actually looks Khitan, especially now that we got the DLC.

Which I think extends to all the non-white races in the game, it seems like every one of them only has at most one or two faces that look at all appropriate and then the rest all have clearly Caucasian features with just the skin color changed. It was especially jarring when I was poking around the admin panel and spawned in a Kambujan armorer thrall and got a strawberry-blonde white lady, when it was always pretty clear to me that Kambuja is supposed to be Cambodia.

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The thing that gets me is all but 2 faces have hook noses. 95% of random thralls end up with that hooked nose, and very few end up with a button or straight snoz. There has been pleas for additional face and hair customization since the beginning and only 1 1/2 hairstyles were added to females to fill that void. Resources would be better spent adding additional face presets and hair, than wonky thrall feeding systems.

Yeah not a whole lot of variety for the males either. I dont spend a whole lot of time in character creation, but there could be some more faces and short hair models for the more “civilized” races. These arent big complaints though. Its a really good game.

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