Open up races to more classes?

I came back recently and was vaguely interested in trying the game again and I still am. However, I do wish that Funcom would open up class/race combinations a bit more. I find it odd that the Stygian’s can’t be any of the tank classes, including the Dark Templar which seems like it would fit their background/lore.

Just my 2 pennies.



I would love this but sadly they will probably never do this as this was suggested many times in the old forums already. Playing as Khitai Barbarian (like a Hyrkanian raider) Stygian Priest of Mitra (kinda like Thoth Amon) would be really awesome. The only thing you can do is buy the skin tone changer items to change at least the skin tone of you character to the race you want to but sadly these items don’t completely change your skin tone like you do in the character creation screen.

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I was doing a topic when I saw in the suggested this old one

cmon with new saga, open up for stygian dark templar and Kithan conqueror!

There is a GM cimmerian necromancer why not those :smile:

Khitan barbs as hyrkanians, nice! Stygian dark templar too.

Yeah would love to see a Khitan barb or conq. Lots of classes could be opened for more races☺

I don’t have lots of ideas about it. if you have more ideas please share.

This is something I’m open to, but it’s never been the right time for it. If I ever did this, Stygian Dark Templar would be at the very top of the list.

An overview of class availability…Aquilonians have 7, Cimmerians have 6, Stygians have 6, and Khitans have 8. Because of this, if there were a second, Cimmerian Assassin would be the most likely. Especially since there’s already a precedent for that in the game. :slight_smile:

edit: Cimmerian Necromancers ruin my immersion!

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I think it wouldn’t be so far off to have all classes free for all races. I mean, even in game we got extremely good examples for these scenarios where a race and a class mixes that is not available for players:

Khitai + Barbarian = Hyrkanian Raider, I personallly think playing as a Hyrkanian Raider would be really cool, it already kind of works as ranger but the Hyrkanians themself got these pure dual wield barbarians among them in the game.

Cimmerian + Necromancer = Outcast cimmerian witch / witcher, I think this would be a plausible scenario too, there will probably be some people in Cimmeria that get drawn to dark magic and try to grasp these forces but for being like that they get pushed out of their clans.

Stygian + Dark Templar / Guardian = Those are probably the most possible ones, just look at all the guardian type enemies in stygia in game, a scociety that relies heavily on nobles will most likely have well geared strong guards, Dark Templars could very highly be some kind of “body guard” of Thoth Amon. Also, look at all the guardian-like enemies in Turan, General Arman is a pure polearm guard and given that Turan got a huge army in the lore guards / soldiers from these kinds of lands would be really appropriate.

The only thing that could make “problems” are the priests. The fanatic Tempests of Set probably don’t have foreigners in their rows since they most likely all come from the upper / noble classes where foreign people like Aquilonians or Cimmerians could never be. Stygian Priests of Mitra could work if it’s some kind of convertite maybe. Bear Shamans on the other hand could totally work as Aquilonians, Zelata could be a good example as she is supposed to be a shaman or witch as far as I know. Stygians might be a bit problematic as Bear Shamans but then again, what about all the “savages” in the Red Lotus Swamps and in the Zaara Oasis? A Bear Shaman (or maybe some other kind of animal shaman) could totally work out for these. Jhebbal Sag is called “Lord of Beasts” and is worshipped in the Black Kingdoms, just as an example.

Sorry, too much writing, I just love character customization when it comes to appereance, clothes, weapons and so on :smiley:


id like this a lot. But only if it can be justified somewhat by lore.

Always wanted to play a dark templar stygian, or a necro-witch cimmerian outcast.

There are some problems though, like the questchains that your racial main-quest-giver only supports the current classes. They would have to add some text, and there would be no VO for certain classes when talking to your racial mainquestgiver.

Cimmerians hate magic. No way, pls.


@Mussagana For me situation should be this from what i learned from books:
Guardian, conqueror
(dark templar use dark magic dont seem adapt to cimmerians. No way one cimmerian lose his soul for gain unnatural strenght. This is precisely against the belief of that people. The biggest design oversight)
Bear Shamans (fine so)
Barbarians, rangers
(Sin seem to me not adapt to cimmerians in my opinion. They move in the shadows and live in subterfuge and tricks. The opposite of how cimmerians are described in Howard’s books, all Conan hate)

Guardian, conqueror and dark templar
(a civilized race dedicated to war as the ancient Romans, but also to corruption and search for power is perfect for all soldiers)
Priestes of Mitra (fine so)
Rangers, assassins
(No barbarians, they are a people too civilized to be dedicated to barbarism)
Demonologists (Although illegal, there are Aquilonians devoted to black magic in the writings of Howards)


Guardians and Dark Templars
(there is no single human society without soldiers. The guardian is the generic steriotype of a soldier while the DT is a guardian who has sold the soul to the demons)
Tempest of Set (fine so)
Barbarians, assassins, rangers
(All rogues are adapt to stygians society and there are good examples of all. Darfari are barbarians for example)
Demonologists, Necromancers, Heralds of Xoltli

Guardians and (maybe Dark Templars, not sure)
(there is no single human society without soldiers. The guardian is the generic steriotype of a soldier while the DT is a guardian who has sold the soul to the demons)
Tempest of Set and/or Priestes of Mitra (but with name of other god)
(Khitans are a devoted race with a rich pantheon. 999 Gods. Yellow Priestes and Childrens of Yag-Kosha and many other worship cults. I have always found it wrong that the only priest Khitans is not a true priest but a barbarian who evokes the spirits of nature)
Barbarians, assassins, rangers
(All rogues are adapt to khitan society and there are good examples of all. Hyrkanians are barbarians for example)
Demonologists, Necromancers.
(Not sure Hox dedicated to a specific god, Xoltli, are suitable for this race)


DT definitely should not be cimmerian. Its a soldier with a high magical attitude…

I agree with you!

I think it’s to late to close Cimmerians as Dark Templars, because in game a lot of people plays as cim-dt. Other ideas like open stygians as soldiers is good for me.

I agree with all Zujilin suggested except about khitian healers.
We have already Bear Shaman for khitans and removing the class can create many issues. So I would keep Bear Shaman for khitians but I would add a second healer class (we can call Priest of Yag-Kosha) with the same spells of Priest of Mitra, just changing all the occurences of Mitra in the spells with Yag-Kosha, like Zujilin suggested. It should be a modify not difficult to do cause it’s only cosmetic.

More about this suggestion below.

Definitely, imho, the lacking of a khitian specific healing class (cause the original 3 races have all a specific “cultural” healer) is a flaw of the expansion. Excluding the creation of a new class with new spells (an option that Funcom had to consider when launched the Rise of God Slayer expansion, but not viable now), Bear Shaman, among the 3 existing classes, never seemed to me the best choice for lore. Bear Shaman can fit Hyrkanian culture, but khitians should be mainly the people living in the Empire of Khitai, so it would be nice having an option more fitting this lore.
Avoiding Tempest of Set (too stygian specific imho), Priest of Mitra can easily be adapted for khitians just changing the name of the Mitra with Yag-Kosha, cause the two cults are not so distant. It would be awesome something related to Yun (definitely, for me, one of the most interesting factions), but that is a death cult and a priest of Yun with the same spells of Mitra… I don’t know… it doesn’t sound right.

cult of Set can be called a “death cult” too, so tos can be from Yellow priests or from SC. also who knows what those guys in refuge of apostate doing and what Pra-Eun got from crater.

I recently came across a youtube series on the gods of hyboria that was nicely done. The speaker stated that Crom is also known as Grim Grey God. Well if so we really spotted a Design flaw here :slightly_smiling_face:

Just search for “gods of hyboria” in youtube if you interested

It is not so.
The Grim Grey God is an extremely powerful and extremely evil magical artifact, which the Ibis priests have guarded for many centuries (not to use it, but to prevent it from being used).
There is also one book with that name. Also if not from Howard but from Sean A. Moore


Why do people want this?

Character customization.