Open up races to more classes?



I came back recently and was vaguely interested in trying the game again and I still am. However, I do wish that Funcom would open up class/race combinations a bit more. I find it odd that the Stygian’s can’t be any of the tank classes, including the Dark Templar which seems like it would fit their background/lore.

Just my 2 pennies.




I would love this but sadly they will probably never do this as this was suggested many times in the old forums already. Playing as Khitai Barbarian (like a Hyrkanian raider) Stygian Priest of Mitra (kinda like Thoth Amon) would be really awesome. The only thing you can do is buy the skin tone changer items to change at least the skin tone of you character to the race you want to but sadly these items don’t completely change your skin tone like you do in the character creation screen.