All Races for All Classes

This thread is about what is written in the title, all races for all classes !

Unlock all races for all classes, who else is in ?

The reason to do that is that we have already unlocked Aquilonian necromancer, Cimmerian assassins, and Stygian dark templar that we can make so lore is not compatible with descriptions on classes since Cimmerians could never be assassins for example , so why not to unlock all variants.


Yeah… where is Stygian Conqueror?!

Why can’t Khitans be Conquerors too? There were plenty of Chinese generals.

Also Cimmerians had witches and other mages in the lore. I want my witch-of-the-wilds.

(Also why do we have Aquilonian Barbarians?? That literally makes no sense!)

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its the barbaric tendancies of aquilonian nobles :slight_smile: