Aquilonian Mage

Noticed that Funcom is looking for suggestions on Twitter for best mage class for Aquilonian race. I don’t do Twitter, so posting my thoughts here. HoX is definitely out, since devoted to Xotli and don’t think Mitra would approve. Demo seems a bit too dedicated to Set, with pacts and all. So that leaves Necro, which makes most sense, given all the undead and spirits running around in the Aquilonian world. But… Necro and HoX for that matter already have Khitai option, so maybe Mitra could give a blind eye to Demo to help even things out a bit…?

The question is also on their facebook page. As I answered there, Demonologist is the most appropriate choice.

In “The Scarlet Citadel” original REH story, Conan’s kingdom of Aquilonia is usurped by his Kothian neighbours. Conan meets a mage called Pelias, who’s the rival of another sorcerer, Conan’s enemy Tsotha-lanti, the real underground ruler of Koth. Geographically, Koth is pretty close to Aquilonia, so there are mages around those parts. Pelias’ country of origin is never mentioned, but it sounds fairly Nemedian/Aquilonian to me.

We also have Salome from “A Witch Shall Be Born”, originating from the country of Khauran (near Koth).

All of the three mages I’ve named hail from regions/countries reasonably close to Aquilonia. Neither of them mess with the undead or practice any kind of Necromancy… that kind of morbidity seems more fitting of the Stygians, who concern themselves with all things dark and have more specific views about death.

Herald of Xotli is honestly too specific a thing and would seem very far-fetched. That class should definitely stay locked and only available to the two more mystical races of the Stygians and the Khitan.

Demonologist is honestly the best fit here. The class fantasy of it is more “broad”, it feels and plays the most like a traditional mage, whereas the HoX and the Necromancer are built around a more specific theme. I’m happy as long as we don’t have Aquilonians morphing into monstrous avatars in the service of some Cthulhu-esque deity… no HoX please.

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There is no need for this change. There are more serious problems to solve.

Ah…okay. So we can turn off every suggestion with the words “there are more serious problems to solve” because everyone would like another problem to be solved…

Actually the dude above you is right; what does a new class combination add to the game? And if they like they could just enable all combinatìons and we done. Race has really literally zero impact in that game besides cosmetics. Still not what most people especially veterans would perceive as content. So the move seems like semi-busy on FC side to me. “Hey we do something for you…” while its really nearly nothing to be implemented. So I would like they do something more serious.


Facebook and Twitter? Why not ask here, Funcom? Thanks to the players that made us aware of something. As far the question, yeah I would rather see something more involved like, oh say new dungeons and areas, fixing PvP balance and exploits (cheats), the list goes on. Lore is important and interesting, but so many doors…

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Opening races to new classes is good idea only if the class its into this race. I used to think a lot of another new classes like Yag Kosha/Yun priest (or better named one) it can be a khitan healer based on PoM class but with differend particles/models on his spells. Or maybe Yag Kosha priest - Pom and Yun Priest - ToS?. Also, the barbarian class should be opened for new race - Hyrkanians, not Khitains. If i know good Khitans are not barbarians. For me demo and hox are close sticked to race stygian and khitan. The necro… could be a Aquilionan but like i said above about PoM and Tos - it should be done with different… everything. Hmm, demonologis could be a Aquilionan too but the same - Aquilionan Mage, bound to another god ( not Set ). I am also aware of the fact that such treatments require more input than ordinary open classes for a new race.
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Lore has already been broken long ago anyway since DT should never have been Cimmerian IMO. And isnt barbarian also possible as Aquilonian which also does not fit very well…