Hyperborean race

Come on, even if it comes as a DLC, there are already Hyperboreans on the game as mobs and npcs and morph items to temporary change the player to a hyperborean(one permanent too if i remember correctly), Hyperboreans IMHO should be able to be Necromancer(not HoX and Demonologist), Bear Shamans, Dark Templars, Assassins, Rangers and Guardians.

Why not HoX and demonologist?

Their magic focuses around the cold of their land and control of the dead. Hyperborean sorcerers are highly prized in the northern wilds, but they are little respected in Hyborian lands.

Other thing that i wanna suggest is that if Hyperboreans have a natural increased resistance to cold(+40%) and a natural weakness to fire(-40%), it will make then fell more unique. Also, a natural resistance to unholly(+20%)

This wouldn’t work, simply balance-wise, they would never be useful in T4 at the Entity or in T6 at the Charhide-Yothian boss.

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Racial traits are a big mess, and cause too many problems.

Just look at Wow and their racial traits and how it killed all Alliance cutting edge raiding, as Horde has all the best racial and all guilds transferred to that faction.

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Racial traits, particularly like this, are an absolutely horrible idea and if you understood anything about the game you’d know exactly why.

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Then the problem is that they din’t balanced right the racial traits. Is like for example if the classes are unbalanced in a game… I an not saying that my suggestion about racial traits just for one race in AoC was a good idea, but since the 1990’s RPG’s, racial traits worked pretty well in BG/IWD/Arcanum/etc.

Honestly, have only one race with racial traits will be awful and adds to all classes will generate a lot of problems. For PvP, it will make Hyperborean too strong against certain classes and too weak against others… I still think that racial traits aren’t a problem in other games, but everyone is right. It should’t be added to AoC.

Traits just make a mess with balancing overall. I’d rather Funcom spend whatever resources they have on true content, such as T7 raid and new pvp maps.

A new race could be good and new classes too but no racial traits. this isnt d&d.

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Guys, i already changed my mind about racial traits. Only said that is possible to have it and have a balanced game. About T7 raid gear, i honestly rather have some low/mid level dungeons scaling to “unchained” and some events like an horde or invsaors, undeads or etc invading your guild city and your guild trying to defend your own city…

I think you are late for about 5 years. funcom use this game to suck money, they have new toys to play with. so new race is just a nice dream, like craft revamp and many other things. in cu. game state, I think will be better to do nothing with such “big” things

Honestly, the game received a saga server. Isn’t like a new race, but clearly this game wasn’t abandoned yet.

Except that there is VERY little to code with a temporary saga server, and little resources to be used.

A new race would require more resources, more time, and more fiddling with the game’s code, and would bring very few people back to the game.

sure not) no one will abandon a hen that lays the golden eggs) BUT at old forum, there was a post, I think it was 2017, about funcom will not do anything for AoC, they will hold server up and running but nothing more.
Not sure why they did that saga server, we will see later.
obviously a price was near 0$ so they did it.

Well, probably they are focusing on Conan Exiles. I particularly play video games to do things that i can’t do in real life, since there are no magico n CE, i din’t purchased… Honestly, this is the unique mmorpg who i ever liked and is under maintance mode. Nobody is asking for gigantic updates

Honestly, depends. A new race that isn’t on the game sure will require new models, coding, new animations, new sounds, etc. But considering that Hyperborean is already on the game, the work isn’t that colossal.

Is like for example escale a dungeon do Unchained level compared to create a new dungeon.

Having Hyperborean npcs in a game, and changing the code to include them as a playable race in the game are two seperate entities. And again, this will bring very few people back to the game.

Given that Funcom’s official stance has been to ignore the “Add New Races” ideas that people have had over the years… and add that Funcom has stated in the 2017 Q4 report that there will be little to no NEW work on AoC… I think the answer to your suggestion is fairly obvious.

If they add anything new I would rather see more dungeons, another raid instance, or another leveling area-- these are things that might make the game interesting to return to for returning players or bring new players into the game. Anything less than this seems like a waste of resources and time.

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Most “new race ideas” aren’t from Conan’s universe or require a expansion similar to rise of godslayer with a lot of new areas, this is very unlikely, but allow the players to play with a race who already are in game isn’t that hard.

Same for new dungeons, i don’t hope to see any new dungeon, but scale low level dungeons to unchained level isn’t a hard thing to do.

I asked about that in the old forums and said the same thing but I got an answer from one of the devs who stated that it is in fact rather hard and time consuming to convert an old dungeon into an unchained version. I compared it with the Skyrim Creation Kit where you simply copy the existing instance of any dungeon, edit the enemies in there (or anything else like the mechanics of a dungeon and so on), create an entrance so you can switch between them (kinda like in AoC where the dialogue pops up and asks for normal or unchained) and then save it but it does not work like that in AoC’s code, there is a lot more work needed they said, and obviously, they don’t have the man power assigned to AoC to manage this.

I don’t know how AoC was codded. In worst case scenario, everything is hardcoded and they lost the source code or everyone who worked on 2008’s source code leaved and the documentation is poor… If it happened, a saga server is the greatest “change” that we will probably have…

For the point of view of business, launch a new expansion for Conan Exiles is probably mroe profitable than add new things to AoC. I only put suggestions because MAYBE they wanna look on it(very unlikely)

Well that’s pretty much the case ^^
The code is a mess, most original coders are gone and now there are not enough people to work through it, they said something like that in the old forums before, probably one of the main reasons why there is no big developement anymore.

Thanks for reading my post into things that it obviously wasnt.

Let me clarify.

Adding a new race, for people to play, requires massive editing to the code. There are few people left at funcom who can mess with AoC’s code. SWL, Conan Exiles, and any future games, are not being built on Dreamworld engine, so no new people will learn AoC’s code.

I never said “New Races from a non conan universe”

You CHOSE to read it as that.

And I’ll stand by my first post-- The resources, and fiddling around with the games code, would bring back very few people to the game with your suggestion.

Sorry you don’t understand this, or think that if you persist in complaining about every class on the game that Funcom will magically change things for your tastes.

I said “OR require”… I know that this suggestion is very unlikely. Probably only if something very unlikely happens like i don’t know, AoC start to get 1000x more players by some unknown reason(maybe pewdiepie), funcom will add new stuff to AoC

And i din’t complained about any class. My 3 topics about classes was :

  • Wondering if necros are best than demo or was just my impression(and most people said that necro is best for solo and less gear dependent)
  • Wondering if i can be permanetnly in shapechange form as HoX like i can be suppreme lich 24/7 as necro
  • Questioning the story and if make sense for a certain race/class combination

Don’t cost money to do suggestion and discuss things. I know that is very unlikely that my suggestions will be implemented but what is the problem of writing a suggestion?