Aquilonian Dark Templar... Makes sense?

How sorcery is threated on Aquilonian society according to wikia :

Sorcery is shunned as the pursuit of evil men

he Dark Templar’s fighting prowess, coupled with unholy spells, makes them a force to be reckoned with.
The Dark Templar is feared throughout Hyboria, with his mastery of armed combat coupled with his mastery of the dark arts. Dark Templars can fulfill two roles, that of a damage dealer and that of a tank. Using black magic to debilitate foes, unholy chants to augment his allies attacks, and spilling the blood of his foes to restore that of himself and his allies. Heroes traveling with a Dark Templar are feared by all, as tales of the unholy power of the Dark Templar travel far and fast.

Sorcery in Conan universe is very dangerous. By that reason, Sorcerers are persecuted in some societies and rules in anthers. In some cases, sorcerers can be considered “gods” like the leader of Hyperborean society
( ) or the Khitai emperor god Yah Chieng.

In your oppinion, makes sense that a Aquilonian can use dark magic to enhance his magical capabilities?

I wouldn’t say that ALL Aquilonians despise magic users, you will always have a few of them who are willing to learn thr dark secrets of magic and rituals, same goes for Cimmerians and for Stygians the other way around, game mechanic wise they can’t have soldiers because they think of physical violence as something uncivilized (as the game manual states) but lets be honest, they wouldn’t last long in Hyboria without a military force consisting of soldiers, generals and so on (wasn’t that the reason why the culture PvP server failed? xD).
The people living in the countries are not some kind of hive mind, they still all got their own individual preferences and so on.

I personally would like the race restrictions to be removed since it would open up for a lot more character customizaton, especially for roleplayers. Wouldn’t it be cool to play as as an outcast cimmerian witch that summons the dead corpses of fallen warriors from the many battlefields in cimmeria or as a stygian dark templar like you were one of Thoth Amon’s vile minions? Or what about a khitan barbarian in the sense of playing as a hyrkanian raider?


You are right. At the same way that someone can be born in Stygia and hate magic, someone who was born in a place who hate magic and be a magician.

Culture pvp server sounds awesome. I think the restrictions are cool, but the no mages, no soldier thing is what makes it kind of lame at the same time. I think it would be neat for stygian to be dark templar at least and no other soldier.

khitan should be able to be a DT too.

They are able to be DTs.

Dark Templar aquilonian make sense, exactly as it should can be stygian (but NOT cimmerian as is).
I continue to think that a lot of class, like DT, HOX and all other classes that openly manifest magic are a bit out of lore, but were need for give balance and variety to a game.
Anycase, also if sorcerors are persecuted, despite the persecutions, there are many men who turn to witchcraft, in order to seek power at all costs and damn their own soul (in the world of conan, magic is never really human, it is granted to humans by making pacts with demons and extra planar creatures and as and as the same Xaltotun says: “the magic must be used the bare minimum, because even the smallest magic, we do not know who could summon and if it will be possible to send back it from where it came”), in the Hour of Dragon book, Orastes, Tarascus, Valerius, and Amalric, (one of them is one aquilonian, priest of Mitra excommunicated for use of black magic) use a gem called the Heart of Ahriman with sorcery to bring a long-dead sorcerer named Xaltotun back to life to aid them in taking the thrones of Nemedia and Aquilonia.

Yes, you are right. About magic, sure is inhuman and generally taught by outsiders but Hyperboreans for example

But about chimmerian, i disagree. I cimmerian can worship Morrigan.

I see no reason why Dark Templar can’t be any of the 4 races.

Well said

One more thing about magic. Magic should be more dangerous on AoC. For example, a Demonologist who fails(interruption) launching his fires of gehenna being hit by his own hellfire, a necro losing control over his pets if feared or being forced to sacrifice his own life to trow some spells, etc