Demonology & Necromancy on Conan Exiles

Honestly, i play mostly as mage in games cuz i wanna do things that i can’t do in real life and i can pratice with swords in real life. Magic on Conan universe is powerful, but is not power without risk or consequence. By this reason, sorcerers are or persecuted like on Aquilonian society or rulers, like White hand rules Hyperborean.

The developers made a really good work with magic on AoC, but on Conan Exiles, while players can summon a deity’s Avatar who is eqquivalent to a epic level divine magic in D&D, players can’t do anything similar to low tier arcane magic. There are skeletons on the game, but the player can’t create or command skeletons

About demonology.

Honestly, i think that demonology should be the more risk than on AoC, for example. How the Fires of Gehenna should work on Conan Exiles?

  • The player need to learn the spell from a demon, by bargaining with a demon or enslaving a demon
  • Takes 3 seconds to cast the spell
  • Moving or being hit increases the chance of failing
  • if the player fails to cast the spell, the flames will not disappear, will hit the caster
  • Trying to cast while starving, low health, wearing armor, etc will increase the change of failure

Now necromancy

  • In order to create undead and corrupt living, you need to first get corruption and spend corruption to corrupt the living
  • You need a specific building to create undead
  • Spells like ice strike Ice Strike should draw upon your own blood.
  • Necromancers should get specific necromancers weapons like a vampiric blade who draw enemy health

Yeah if Conan Exiles ever gets magic, ‘high risk high reward’ sounds like it would do the game justice. Learning spells from demons would be a splendid way to initiate this too

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It seems like the Master of Ceremonies for the Votaries of Skelos is theoretically intended to be the entry point for sorcery, given his dialogue?

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Merc-Prince, yes, and build an demon or undead army to protect a citadel sounds amazing too.

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Only one more question. There are imps on this game? And succubus? Only saw some videos. Skeletons are in this game.

Yeah there are imps. They are not winged creatures like you would expect though. Never seen the succubus, but the skeletons are definitely real and dangerous.

Is the imp similar to aoc imp? Sorry for the low graphics, i was playing in a really old notebook without video card with linux + playonlinux and my desktop is under maintenance.

If there are imps on the game, that means that at least there are a chance to see demonology in the game. I hoppe that magic will be dangerous to fit Conan’s lore. The Succubus appears on print too.

I think it’s a bad idea.
This would make game to easy.

Easy how? Also, if you don’t like, you don’t need to use it.

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How easy? You say, ‘‘build an army of unded’’ rrreeeeeelllly this isn’t making game easy

You can have a army of humans… See at 20:40 on this video

ENSLAVING A SQUAD OF ARCHERS! BASE DEFENSES! - Conan Exiles [Full Release Gameplay E12]

I an not talking using then offensively. Have 50 undead or demons defending your fortress will not be easier than having 50 humans… And any demon stronger than a imp will the bard to obtain.

That’s right, but it’s the world of the legendary Conan the Barbarian, where magic can only be demanded by the exceptional wizards.
The argument is also that the character in which we play in the game is from a civilized city. In civilized cities, magic is used only by magicians from the “Black Circle”, it means that not every first, ordinary person can be a magician. In the game we are just the first better man who was condemned to extort for his crimes


But maybe you will rise to an extraordinary character when gaining levels. Only high levels characters with special skills should be able to practice necromancy. Nevertheless it should be a risky maneuver.


Conan universe is a low magic universe with very dangerous magic(some people confuse with no magic universe), sure, you are a ordinary person AT BEGINNING. But after a long time playing, you can summon a god’s avatar in human world… No ordinary person can fight hordes of skeletons, construct an citadel and have dozens of slaves. I an not saying that you should start the gcame able to summon a demon and easily bargain with him for magical knowledge.

A building to create undead or summon even a weak imp should’t be a thing that you can do at the starting of the game. But a guy who can summon a god avatar in human world be unable to summon a imp is just silly. Look to this video. No ordinary person can do this.

Summon a imp for this guy should be a piece of cake…

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Avatars of gods, and impy is something else. It is also worth noting that in order to summon an avatar, one should have a high priest who is experienced in such things, the player is only a person who uses what the high priest created, he would not do it himself.

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Kanbix, the guy just said that the sorcery in this game should have a high cost, so this makes clear that he want’s it to have the same or even more limitations that it’s required to summon a god.


Someone using humans to defend a fortress = OK
Someone using imps/skeletons to defend a fortress = Will make the game easy and ruin the game!!!

Someone using crossbow to fire a bolt = OK
Someone using magic to fire a ice/fire bolt = Will ruin the game!!!

Anyone can explain to me why? Some people just enjoy magic…

And some do not

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It just does not match: /