Demonology & Necromancy on Conan Exiles


Nobody forces you to play with magic if you don’t enjoy.

Honestly, i play video games to do things that i can’t do in real life. I can easily practice with swords in real life, but i can’t conjure a impish horde and materialize fire.


Yes, some enjoy magic, including me, but some find it either silly or too much, also including me.

There are plenty of games out there for the over the top wizards among us, please let us have this one game with more subtle magic.

I love magic myself and would totally want to try demonology, but it is no fun if there are demons everywhere and every noob can summon a horde of Satans. That is why i got tired of AoC. Make it hard and rare please.

My idea to prevent everybody from using it is to make the sacrifices you have to make in order to use it permanent.
To learn a summon spell you first need a lot of exotic stuff to create a scroll,dagger etc and then have the ritual be real time consuming, and then as a part of the ritual sacrifice your own body parts, some can be cosmetic like loosing an eye/penis, others can be a higher need to drink because of a lost organ, less vitality/higher corruption.

And the reward need to be limited, like not too many spells to learn and not overpowered ones, i’m not a fan of the avatars either. Make it subtle, mysterious and scary.


Well, on AoC you don’t have noobs summoning hordes of demons. The closest spell to a “hode of devils” is the Impish horde and you need to be at least lv 70(max lv is 80) and even if you are max level, you don’t have skill points to get every high tier thing on feat tree. A low level demonologist can only have a weak Succubus/Inccubus depending the genre of the caster that works much more as a small buff than as a a offensive pet.

About losing parts of boby, i think that it will not fit the lore. Throth-Amon and a lot of sorcerers on Conan universe have all body parts… Requiring human sacrifices and losing vitality is one thing, but losing body parts will require a entire rework to combat animations work without a arm for example.

About there are a lot of magic in games, a game with good magic system is rare. I don’t know any survival game who allow you to do the same things as a demonology/necromancy system will allow on Conan Exiles.


clearly there needs to be a demonic altar you have to put unconscious thralls into like a wheel of pain that would be used for summoning demons when the ritual finishes. instead of taskmasters, you would put a priest inside it to speed up the ritual. obviously the fuel would be blood or demon blood but maybe severed limbs so we have some use for them. : D


Acording to lore would not the Gods altar work as that? It already are to, at Set you sacrefice a human heart and get a potion that magically cures poison. I think only tier 4 thralls or other players should work tho, it has to be costly.

There is no telling if socerors from lore has given away not visible organs tho, what else would cause the lack of general health/vitality? I also saw a youtube yesterday with someone’s character running around with a wooden leg so it cant be that hard to implement.

Also everybody had a bunch of skinless demons on AoC, including myself as a noob. It was too easy and in my face.

Got any ideas to a spesific spell anyone?
I liked the thoughts around the fire of Gehanna, maybe also make it less flashy? Like a less literal fire and more like a super strong fever burning from within blistering the skin?
Or, an ilusion that only causes the victim to think they burn and die but actually faint so that you can stab them easy after?


Lifeforce, corruption on Conan Exiles can remove 50% of your health and don’t remove any internal organ, a pact should severely removes your lifeforce. My idea is in other words is a trade. You offer a vital human energy and the demon offers access and knowledge about how to create hellfire. Both offers something valuable. Demons on Conan’s universe seens to at least enjoy human sacrifices, human blood, human vital force, etc. I don’t know if it can make then stronger.

I liked the idea of Tier 4 thralls or maybe 5 tier 3 thralls to summon a demon capable of making that bargain. As a pact effect, i wanna suggest :

  • Less 10 points of STR
  • Less 5 pts of DEX
  • Your max STR and VIT will be 20 pts
  • Less 40% of max health

In exchange, i think that you can cast fires of gehenna(that can hurt you if you fail to cast) and imbue weapons with hellfire. For defense, be able to have imps defending your fortress will be epic, but i din’t found a good way of getting imps. Maybe using reagents to summon then and enslaving then.


Another idea could be to give heat or cold to the summoner depending on the spell so that some spells would fit better to the North or the South. There would then be different different favorde styles depending on the biome


Yes, that idea is good, you trow an hellfire but you took damage from your own hellfire too


Necromancy seems fitting to the Conan universe. I’d marry it to alchemy in that certain strengths of the undead would require ever more complex recipes of demon blood, flesh, bone, alchemical agent, plus a number of zeal items like hearts and ice shards. To cast it, a special urn, like a bomb pot, is carried to the location and smashed open and the creature rises… or maybe you would perform a dance or special emote. A sorcery class should definitely be a level 60 ability, or even a new class of exile with 60 levels and a slightly different skill tree.


Maybe they should let a player who reaches level 60 become a sorcerer as a choice then only seasoned players could evolve into one maybe an option at the alter of chaos rather the the disappointing player wipe like I had with no reward exiting the exiled lands