Magic like AoC. But more dangerous

Magic on Conan universe is very dangerous. Most RPGs offers greater power without any risk. If magic is added to Conan Exiles, should be like Age of Conan but more dangerous. For example. If someone is casting “flames of gehenna” and is interrupted by a hit or start to move. The energy that the caster is channeling will not disappear by no reason. The caster should take a damage from it.

Honestly, melee combat don’t attract much in games. I play video games to do things that i can’t do in real life. I can practice with swords in real life, but i can’t materialize a frost separ in real life. Hyborian Age have have a amazing lore in therms of magic. Is not something inconsistent like in most fantasy settings. On Age of Conan, i play mostly as Demonologist and Necromancer. I will love to do the same in Conan Exiles with much more freedom to create buildings or build an undead/demon army.

How cool will be to have skeletons defending your castle? And if you fail to get some materiel in some time, you start to lose controls over your undeads… Or for demonology, try to summon and bargain a demon for his services and in some cases, the demon can decide attack you and you need to “enslave” the demon, in other cases, the demon can ask for certain items or sacrifices in exchange for his services. This game have soo much potential to implement demonology and necromancy in a better way than AoC already implemented. And Magic on AoC works much better than most rpg games and any mmorpg that i have played

Some people is against magic. Mainly combat magic. I only wanna ask. Why a snake arrow is ok but a cold “piercing” invocation like Ice Strike on AoC isn’t? This invocation creates a stream of cold that manifests into razor sharp slivers of ice inflicting cold damage on the target. source

Honestly, the game looks amazing but without magic, i will probably get bored in few hours and that is why i din’t purchased yet…