Magic in conan can we make it better plz like I get steamrolled

Why does magic in Conan actually suck like can we improve it

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I wish they’d at least make the corrupted perks more worthwhile. Would you rather heal all the damage you took? Or make a tiny gas cloud as you get bludgeoned to death? Have a follower with +20 in each stat? Or summon a demon that’ll just as likely fight your follower as it will your enemies?

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Half the time, the demon I summon just targets me or my pets

The sorcery could use a bit more utility, it has some uses already but there is always room for more.

I find sorcery very difficult, it’s hard to stay alive when both HP and stamina is halved, much survivability requires you to dodge or shift-run.

The spells are not worth dying over and over for, which is a shame, it’d be fun if playing half-corrupted was viable as an alternative playstyle. Spells and all.

I enjoy my dark sorcery, but I would always like more magic. As an example I would really like some sort of scrying pool or bowl that I could perform a ritual which would let me observe a distant point on the map. You perform the ritual, the map UI opens and you click on a point. Then you become an invisible flying eye in that area for say 2 minutes or you can end it early by clicking your right mouse button.


Like give us 1 combat spell and I’ll be happy

I vote no. It’s too similar to an ESP hack. Now if you wanted a telescope, that may work if name plates are turned off. I can support the trial.

Magic would be of more use if you could level it up through use.

As in, by using mass gather you get xp and level up it’s effectiveness.
Using slow fall levels up slow fall to last longer and/or add an AoE. “everyone on me while I cast this”.

So leveling would add effectiveness, duration, or a/or larger AoE, dependent on the spell. This could also be done like skill points. You have a point to use one spell, do you make mass gather more effective or add duration to the bat :thinking:

But as far as adding spells #1 They must be lore accurate; I defer to Jimbo on lore.
Summoned demons attacking their summoner or there followers is actually lore accurate.

How much of Conan exiles is actually based off lore, they didn’t want it to be all accurate

Quite a lot actually which is part of what makes this game one the best for me.

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So when it comes to Lore and Magic in Conan Exiles magic and sorcery if a bit mixed. If you stick just to Howard, Sorcery can be achieved through talent, deal and/or through objects of power.

In Conan The Cursed Barrier hinders Magic significantly. As such you are learning magic through two routes, Object of Power and basically a deal with demons. You are literally using a dark form of magic and making sacrifices to be granted a boon with requires you use a Magical item.

Thoth Amon for example with out his Black Ring of Set (or the Serpent Ring from CE) is fairly weak. His magic comes from his deal with Set and the use of his Magic ring which is where is power is located (as set obviously wouldn’t give him direct power or he might use it against Set, which is my personal assumption I don’t think that is in lore)

Here we are limited to the magic certain otherworldly creatures are willing to give you access to and what the bracelet will allow. Orbs and arrows take the place of spells. You use Alchemy instead of Sorcery to offensively attack the enemy.

The offensive spells in Exiles are more ritualized and require some time to cast. Which is in game not Howard Lore… but it is immersive for the world Funcom has created.

It took them years to be able to do Sorcery and it is still kinda not what was promised… so the fact you have what you have is a small gift.

That is like gaining xp in different talents. (i.e.) There are rifle skills to level up instead of an overall xp total for each talent

Yes, it can be, but I’ll say it still is missing cross-play with VR headsets. (XR)

What is interesting about magic in the Hyborian Age is it doesn’t really look like magic when you really analyze its usage. For example, Thoth-Amon is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the stories. Yet every time you see him use magic, he’s using some object (usually the Serpent Ring of Set) to do so. You are definitely correct there.

Now think about it this way. Lets say your laptop is a magical device, and your ability with that laptop can vary greatly compared to someone else. You might even be able to write new spells on it (programs) that you can use in certain situations.

Well these magical devices in Hyboria are very similar to your laptop. Many such objects can be used by anyone. Some are harder. But what is similar is that some are better at it than others.

The point I am making is that magic in Hyboria is NOT the vancian magic seen in D&D. Its not the weaving of special words and such in Harry Potter, its not the will and the word as seen in the Belgarid, its not channeling mana into some effect, its not interacting with a living force like in Star Wars, or any of that.

Its using devices and making contact with aliens (which are commonly called demons or gods) to get effects that seem unpredictable to most. Why? Because any sufficient amount of technology is indistinguishable from magic. And the corruptive influence with these devices and contacts with these aliens is due in part from forming a connection to where they originate. Most powerful sorcerers have high connections which is very much detrimental to the human material form. Its addicting as well.

There’s nothing really supernatural happening. There’s just laws of physics and thermodynamics being used in a way that humans hadn’t evolved to utilize. But are still foolish enough to try.

…waiting for unique treasures…

It would be hard to claim given a high encumbrance. Maybe it is too heavy to carry, and you must adapt (point A to point B, etc).

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Oooh thank you for steering what I said back to the topic. Unique ‘magic’ artefacts you can transport back for use in your rituals. That would definitely help bring back magic.

I like it.

If you speak about pve, allow me to disagree here my fellow exile. The Abyssal hammer of sorcery full strength, full corrupt and Abyssal armor, strength buff plus salted pork, you 2 shot 90% of the map .so neither stamina is important neither vitality, before they react they are dead :man_shrugging:. If you corrupt vitality too , you make the boss fights piece of cake. A sorcerer may seem vulnerable and maybe because npcs hit hilarious hard now, sorcery seems vulnerable. But most of the times the fault goes on our online performance and not in the actual pve difficulty.

I really respect these comments and i am really happy when i see people making them. Yet, if the arcane stuff had a fighting combo too, would this affect the lore?
This question comes with a reason! I dream a full session ONLY sorcerer from the very beginning. I want to use no other weapon but only what sorcery provides. I know that golems is part of sorcery, yet you need blood crystals to create them. Stealing chests and waiting for rngesus to help find the pieces, is very boring. That’s why i wish arcane stuff had a fighting combo, so i can role play a full session till the end. Only the beginning is difficult to impossible, so this automatically makes sorcery late game option. Like archery, sorcery can become early game option.
There for, either a beginning offencive spell or fighting combo to the arcane stuff is necessary i believe.

I agree with you on that regard, it wouldnt hurt to give the staff some higher raw damage that doesn’t scale with a specific stat. Another thing I had in mind for a while is more magical artifacts and armors. A lot of sorcery in Howards world comes from ancient artifacts. So an idea was an armor that slow down enemies within a certain radius thus allowing the caster to set off their spells with less pressure. Maybe more religion themed like a Ymir Frost armor or aura.

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Right now, a full on sorcerer needs a drink. I wonder if the tavern is just a coincidence or a consequence.

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I am bad with puzzles, hit me with your secret, dark force :metal:!