So was sorcery mostly a waste?

So I suspect there already is a thread like this but after my quick search I’m not seeing one.

Just curious everyone’s thoughts on the current sorcery (after the lightning storm nerf)? I, like many others, were initially excited by it but honestly, I just don’t use it much (if at all).

What spells are even useful at this point? I’ve seen friends use the flying bat thing for some good use and the zombies seem to have potential but I’m just not seeing much else to bother with.

When we first learned of sorcery I was in the camp of “please don’t have high fantasy type fireballs, etc in that it would not really be in line with the Conan lore”. Now that I see sorcery being kind of a big dud I feel as if there does need to be some sort of viable PVP type sorcery to make it useful. Maybe some sort of “glass cannon” type spells – does a lot of damage but leaves you vulnerable if you fail.

Anyway… Just curious the general opinion of folks whether sorcery is currently useful or if, like many things within Conan, it is just another 'novelty" that many folks quickly lose interest in. Another obvious example of this was the witch doctor thing in the past i.e. sounded cool but most of the spawns (i.e. skeletons) were not worth the effort.

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I’m loving it. But apparently I’m on the minority. I use mostly slow fall, Nergal bat, mass cull, darkness, mostly burlap and cloth level spells because they are easy to produce pouches. Most of my farming of sacrifice blood goes into the teleporters.

Is there combat advantage…no but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Just not useful in the 5 to 10 % of the game where you are battling others.

Sorcery is about as useful to the pvp game as black blood tools are…not necessary but can give an edge in the non pvp part of your game


Right now I’m playing on two servers. On one I levelled up my sorcery to the point where I can raise zombies but don’t really use it while on the other I’ve never even bothered with learning sorcery yet. It is rare that I even see other players use it.

I’m honestly curious if I’m missing obvious benefits of the current sorcery.

I guess one useful item I’ve forgotten is the transporter. I have it but rarely use it.

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You aren’t the minority.

I find that pvp players or people focused mostly on pvp feel sorcery was largely a waste because there is nothing there that will give them a super edge on a pvp server.

A good chunk of the rest of us have had a blast with it. I use a few spells pretty regularly. The transporter allowing us to chain our clan bases together to help with purges is a godsend.


Yeah I play PVP servers but trying to keep an open mind as to whether there are enough useful benefits of the current sorcery, which doesn’t seem to have much PVP use, to make it actually useful. I’ll admit the animations are pretty cool looking but that is about it for me.

From the eyes of a pvp player , magic overall was a alright addition, zombies were good canon fodder , lighting was a new way or raided ( but broken ) the bat also added a way to deal with tower bases and the ice bridge done the same . But thats about it when it comes to spells with decent function .but from a overall view of magic it was generally alright . Main problem is the cast time and corruption .

There are some I use a lot; Summon Corpse, Transportory Stone, Nergal Bat, Mass Cull, Call Darkness and Invisibility in that order.

I had a lot of the same feelings initially as you but I appreciate the new additions.

Some are useless like revealing corruption. Does anyone actually use that?


Having recently upgraded to PS5, I’m hard pressed to pull the wand out of storage. I completely abandoned it while on PS4 because of freezing.

That being said, I’m getting tremendous value from the transporatory stone and the illusionary aspect of the Thaumaturgy bench.

I’ve tempered my use of the sacrificial stone since they blocked Beast of Burden builds from partaking in this element of sorcery. I now will dedicate an hour, as needed, to stashing my inventory and sacrificing as many dafaris as I can from the Summoning place. I only need enough blood to occasionally retrieve my dead body.

I personally don’t do zombies or demon mounts. Not judging, just not my thing. I had a work friend who wanted to have me committed because I have yet to watch a single episode of Walking Dead.

With respect to the recent Beast of Burden nerf;
Inconvenient and counter productive - yes,
Game breaking - no

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I wouldnt put too much stock in forum opinion - most dont even come here.

Since they are too busy playing.


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lol, consider it done…

…what were you saying?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apx 10% of players ever make it to the official forum. Most of those come here to complain.

There are a few spells I use quite a bit, a few I’ve never used. Over all it’s just another aspect of the game that is what you make of it.


Zombies are meta on pvp sadly. Other than that mass cull is great for crystal and the bat is used a bit. Sorcery wasn’t meant for pvp and wasn’t intended to give the caster to much power

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It was a waste for me, doesn’t really have anything compelling and they broke too many things. The new character movement animations are an abomination, the inability to do something that has been simple and reliable for years like mount a horse is just absurd.

I’ll use cull every once in a while, but sporadically and only for things like trees. It’s just too much of a hassle to keep stocking bags and watching my corruption. And I despise running around corrupted, the stamina hit alone deters me from bothering with it much at all.


I use the spell to hide my corruption, i don’t like my bella blue like a zombie!


Ok so sounds like it isn’t a waste for a lot of folks. I do need to play with the transport magic more. Regardless, would be great if they offered more spells (and once again maybe something a bit more PVP oriented).

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It is funny to she the pvp people think conan is all aboute them. lol

What made you say this?

Because nobody thinks it was a waste.

Cant wait until all of the PVP nerf cryers get one shot by a fireball.

Very useful IMO.

The portal stones alone make it very worthwhile.
I love the transmog armor thing. I love the recall body thing.

I think the whole theme was well thought out, from the sacrificial altars to the headhunting.
Just when I start to get bored, FC tosses in something else that is fun for me.


I didn’t see anyone saying this but I’m fairly sure most pvpers know it’s without a doubt all about their pve/rp playerbase.