Some Feedback for Conan Exiles first 5 minutes

I started at the first day of Early Access and here is some of my personal feedback:
The tips during the loading screen when entering a server/character creation are changed too fast. I can not read anything at all.
I do not see any benefit to the game itself in providing races with special bonuses as sometimes discussed here in the forum. That will end like in most games. All fighters choose the “Cimmerian” for the extra +20 HP, all thiefs choose the Zingarian for extra +20 stealthing…whatever. Don´t do it!
I would prefer - beside to choose form MORE races/cultures like Afghuli, Argossean, Brythunian, Corinthian, Iranistani, Kothian, Nemedian, Ophirian… - to have some more racial / cultural adaptability like tattoos, jewelry or hair and beard. For example only Nemedians can choose a red Dragon as tattoo because of their history. The character customization at the moment is not enough in these days. Games like Black Desert Online or even older games like Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen have much more possibilities in the character creation. There are not even scars available.
When choosing the race, it is unfortunate that you see more the lower body (penis focus) than the head (playing with resolution 3440x1440).
Personally, I would have expected a localized voice for the release. Voice sounds just in english was a little disappointed.
Religion Mitra isn´t translated (to german)
After character creation the text isn´t shown right (in german), wrong formatting and text not readable.
When Conan start talking to you only in english aswell the subtitles only in english.
Spawning at the Server and everywhere are corpses…

Well… About that whole character creation race choice thingy:
I think the races should be limited in their color-choices, like skin and eyes.
As others already said, a light skinned darfari with long red tail will look like some nordheimer, while some nordheimer who almost got coal-like tan will be mistaken for some darfari.

Hair and other stuff like makeup should not be limited too strictly.

At the same time I like the roleplaygame vision on racials. As some are said to be good archers, very talented magicians or plain brutes. So I can perfectly understand from where those stat-giving-racials-idea originated.
Also as the numbers for armor arent that high (not that many statpoints to gain from armor) I think those racials would be ok to be +1. (Already helps a lot i.e. for some archer trying to hit that 50th accu perk…)
But then again one could even ask for each of those races to get their own feats, eighter completely different ones or simply any perk being nerfed/buffed depending on which race your character belongs. That would still lead to perfect character layouts though.
And as it might help with replayability, it might as well have people follow a few perfect routes with everyone going for the same race. On the other hand, players would be able to actually decide on a path and specialize on that. I dont know. I can understand both sides…