Racial bonus to every race and your race is displace in your status

In the staus window it tells you what race you are.

When you pick you starting race you unlock your race’s weapons and armor. This way players have a freebie weapon and armor skill unlock.

Hopefully every race has there own armor and weapon. This Idea helps new players an elite players.It also helps PVP and PVE modes.

I’d like to see more differentiation between the races. Like bone structure, like real life.
As it is, every race can look exactly the same. It’s bizarre and makes race choice almost pointless.

Having some sort of racial bonus could also be nice.

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It also helps noobs. It allows free armor and weapon skill. Allowing each race to feel special.

Having unique armor would be cool. But I have no interest in the “it also helps noobs” part. PvE is too easy already, we don’t need to keep making it easier.

But I actually don’t see how it could help noobs. You don’t need good armor at a low level and you can already make decent stuff at level 10. Hell, you can run around naked until level 30+ zones and be perfectly fine.

And in PvP, if a more experienced player comes along the noob is going to get steamrolled no matter what they’re wearing.

It offers a noob a better chance of survival. You know the Exile armors are base on all the races. All none bosses versions.

What race are you? I can’t remember what I picked.

Hehe. Yeah, that’s not surprising as there’s no difference between races except for the description.

I picked Nordheimer.

The Developers have stated that they will never do racial bonuses. They don’t like the idea. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Should just have different variants for races of structures and items. Would make the game look more unique.

The exiles armors are base on race. These race bonus are non-boss exiles armors. They are already in game.

I rather keep it simples as free armor skill point.

I want to have my race display in my character stats. So I can make a town full thralls of my people.

What do you mean free armour? As in when you first log in on the cross you get free armour straight away without having to craft anything?

The games easy as it is never mind being given free armour to make it even more easier and making all those other low level armours obsolete.

Then everyone starts comparing the games too easy and there’s no endgame…oh wait

Each Race has an non-boss exile armor tied to them. Please read the exiles armors.

I want my race display on my status. I am a proud (race).

We need this for Conan exiles. It would make each race a special experience.