Racial differences

As far as I know, there’s no differences between races other than appearance and background.

Would like to suggest some variations -
NPCs of the same race to recognize you (potential friendlies)
cold and heat tolerances/penalties - Nordheimers for example are more used to colder weather, so would naturally be more likely to have tolerances toward cold, but may not tolerate heat as well.
Knowledge - recipes known from creation - cooking, clothing, etc. Still have to gather materials and possibly work stations for them, but you’d know how to make certain things from life prior to being exiled.
Emote(s) - common greetings, insults, etc, for the race from which the character originated.


Like ESO but without the buffs

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Good idea i agree, if balanced correctly.


+1, non-combat related benefits to choosing a race would be great.


I would love that i imagine. More racial specific abilities, some stuff that can only be used by a given race. So choice matters, and you can not have and do all with each race the same way.

It’s bit same with religion. We chose one in the char-creation, but then we can learn them all while going around the map. While this is fine in SP, it’s not realy realistic. I think one religion per race or better said player, and some penalty if you change.
I mean while is nice building a base with all altars, one mal more, not sure people would do it realy. For my opinion, one altar per base would be also a good limitation. And a choice more.