Different start skills/perks for different races

Different start skills/perks for different races
And different additional start tallents
an additional mode of the game, when to open a recipe it would be necessary to attack the camps of npc, or to find masters who would have taught them for coints or for something else, for example, quests. Together with naps attacks on the strengthening of the players, this will make the existence of the PWE justified. I would also like to see the bandits, caravaners, travelers freely walking along the map.
About combat system - for daggers, they have small attack radius to balance it needs armor ignoring. And damage based on accuracy.

I think they already do a lot for pve, considering lots of people still call it some pvp (only) game with that much which has been added already.
I like the idea of having some bonus attribute for each race. Like each race coming with 3 starting stats for free. Some were meant to be brutes, others archers. Or else…
If those daggers would go for accuracy, I would totally stay with archery and have those as second weapons…
Of all the melee weapons I liked the twin daggers the most! I think agility, encumbrance or some else stat would be better.

I absolutely agree that the race of your character should have some sort of cause or choice otherwise why have the races

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I disagree with the race choice having a mechanical benefit. I do not know if race is a handle that a modder can call for a particular reason, but yes in vanilla it has no impact. I do not think the reference even appears after character creation so you can create a dark skinned nordheimer and call yourself a ___ (not sure why I cannot use a word that refers to someone from Kush on a Conan Exiles forum). Makes no difference. I think it is fine this way. Gives RPers some context but no other impact. Fine by me.

Race in this game is a RP choice and I think it should stay like that. The only aspect that I could see tied to race could be temperature resistance. So that Darfari favor the South when Nordheimer favor the North.
Other attributes tied to race, like strengh or any perk, would be detrimental to RP as players would then make their choice of race in a min/max perspective.

The Developers have stated - emphatically - that there will no bonus starts or perks for races. Ever.

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Though I would love limitations in character creation.
For nordheimers to be forced to look like nordheimers.
Someone else gave an example like how darfari can be mistaken for nordheimers and the other way round.