RACIAL BENEFITS: Will races ever get racial perks (like nordheimers getting cold resistance)

Anyone here any word on racial perks or be if it’s ever being added?

It’s one of the things I’ve been waiting to see or hear about

Things like maybe
Nordheimers have frost resistance,
Dafari get a healing boost from human flesh
Cimmarians something riddle of steel related
Picts can eat raw meat anytime
Mountain himilain less stamina while climbing

These are just my own racial ideas but i would love to see perks for races added as it would definently make our play styles a little different and get folks to play a different Conan race they normally wouldn’t

What do you guys think, for ideas, race perks and what not


Ah damn i missed that then, that sucks they straight up said it’s just for role play

like 90% of weapons and armor :slight_smile:


Every time a Cimmarian dies he must go before Crom and answer the riddle of steel. If he fails Crom laughs at them and kicks them out, at which point the respawn

If they answer correctly they are welcomed to the afterlife, which unfortunately deletes your character


Crom has a stage and a hidden trap door, wrong answer, pushes the button :joy:

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Yeppyeppyepp. I had an idea like this, but with your character almost 2 years ago, and I still would love this to happen.

As much as I like racial perks in games like Skyrim and Dungeons and Dragons, there’s always the downside of a particular perk becoming the new go to meta.

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yes why not, this meets my personal wishes and my expectations for the development cursor to move a little more in Rpg
But I’m not sure that this will be the case given the removal of ethnic Npc for the craft of armor for example

I personally would be very much against adding perks to the different races in vanilla Conan. That being said, as pointed out by @drachenfeles , if that is your cup of tea there is a mod that does just that.

Racial benefits is a good ide but only if its more as a cosmetic and fun parts or if we will be able to interact whit npc hubs to make frends whit them. Or if its only for pve/rpg serververs. And ad some bad stuffs to to balanse it.

For pvp and so it will just a powergameing and abuse and will not work ther, i remember how it was in WoW!

The races in the character creation pretty much simply function as presets.

If you select a Kushite, you can adjust the sliders and colors to make them look like a Nordheimer. As well as vice versa.

90% was a really kind position :rofl::rofl::rofl:, so true , so true. I use a lot of them until I get 60, then I believe, no matter if I have a wardrobe with every single armor, or a weapon stash with chests with every single weapon, I use just my usual, so from my game play view maybe 95 %, is the number unfortunately. But I don’t say that this is how a player must play, only how I play.

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