Customizing characters +++

There is no point to customize your character at the start other than for looks.
What about this (I don’t know if it was suggested or mentioned before):


  • if you are from a race that lives in hot areas, such as darfari, you can tolerate hot temperatures better (higher temp. values required to be in hot/very hot/etc. states, and need less water while in that particular state. BUT you can get extremely cold and frostbitten easier.
  • northern races are the opposite, and less food drain instead of water.


  • the more muscular you are, the more damage you deal, but at the cost of more stamina per hit.
  • leaner: weaker hits, less stamina cost.


  • the higher you are, the further you can jump forward, and faster you can swim.
  • being short benefits from longer runs and faster climbing.

The differences would be between ±5% (I mean 10% difference between let’s say max. height vs. minimum height) or something fairly low.
Any opinions/ideas?


I like some parts of your idea, but dude the ‘blacker you are’ thing please remove it. You could always use the tribe example and not the color, ok :wink:.

No, thanks. Tying looks into game mechanics constrains people’s choices. Right now, I can choose to be a short Darfari with a white beard because I like the way it looks or because I came up with an interesting backstory, and I don’t have to worry about how that’s going to affect my gameplay experience.

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I didn’t want to look racist, but I changed it. It wasn’t that accurate anyways. Skin color itsef does not always indicate what race you are from.

@CodeMage that’s why its only + or - 5%. Not a gamechanger, but adds more diversity.
Or maybe it would be toggleable with bigger numbers.

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