Would you mind to add a little bit more to it, I am heavy RP player and in beginning of EA you said that you are going to add more options (hair, facial hair, faces, etc) but cant find anything new ever since start of EA, plus I would be realy glad for some massive mustaches.


I strongly support this idea. The only thing i have noticed different from entry into early access is the slider for either being toned or body builder super ripped. Several more hair, mustache and facial options would be a huge boon to keeping RPers or even casual players more attached to their characters.

The current system is extremely shallow and outclassed by almost any detailed game within the last 5 years. The combat was a huge improvement to the game and made it much more tolerable for long grinding sessions and funner for pvp. The addition of climbing was extremely unique for a game of this style and opened up numerous new routes to different places. The only thing we really need improved upon is the character customization to make this a stand out among all survival games.


It could be great if developers can add even more differences between the races/cultures available, even with exclusive features for every race. Also can be good to add some accessories like piercings, rings or necklaces and for sure, war scars and damaged eyes/ears/noses.

As a minor thing, I’m don’t feel completely comfortable with the current beard options. They feel in some way artificial. But this can be mi perception only.