Add more hairstlyes for character creation

Imo we need some more options in character creation. We have all these cool different cultures but not that many options to build a character. An easy way to improve it would be to add some more hairstlyes. For example curly hair, old egyptian or chinese hairstyles.


Wider variety of hairstyles would be great if our helmets could be tweaked to embrace them as well. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter coz we are going to have a helmet on and current helmets tend to hide them. :no_mouth:

Along with hairstyles, a subject already well covered by plenty of mods on PC, what I would like to see is… more beardstyles too ! Beginning with the release of those beautiful mustaches design that are already in the database :stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least, we can see it even with the helmets on !

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Still waiting on Short Japanese style (think Zhang Ziyi in Godzilla) or short bob in general…

But i’ve been shot down on that a few times… thou more choices over all be nice, but we would also need barber in Speurpurururururu (insert better spelling) or some form of changing it with out a restart. (sick of restarting…)

Just some simple ponytail hairstyles would be great .

Every time this post makes its rounds I give it a heart. Keep suggesting, maybe one day they’ll add cosmetics.


I know feeling, thou I don’t check Trello board … so might be part of reason. XD

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Hair Cut Thrall.

Each one gives a haircut from their culture. A tier 4 is a master. They have all the hair and makeup and beards. Maybe some exclusives!!!

But yeah. Most games have this now. We should as well.

Plus. How can I build. Conquer and Dominate with out my hair did!


More hairstyles yes, Hairy men yes, more curvy women yes, butt adjustment slider YES, more eye colors yes, character height and muscle tone to play a factor in climbing, fighting, etc obviously more muscles means more stamina drain on climbing but harder hits, less toned fast dodging and less stamina use during climbing and faster running speed, more muscle better natural defense against regular enemies such as a NPC Humans only and monsters such as bosses etc.

Obviously a more detailed way to play obviously more code and hard to implement but oh SO SATISFYING.

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I agree with this and I also think it would be great to see the addition of scissors to change your hair if you get tired of the current style.

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Would also be great if you could change the make-up such as the lips and eyes and maybe more designs such as factions and what not.

So… put npc in side room in Dregs, who dunks you in acid pool and re-shapes you =3

Oh yes look at my new boney butt doesn’t it looked FABULOUS! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sunglasses:

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