More armor variety please

What I’m hoping for as time goes on is to see our choice of apparel widen but not much deeper. I’m really looking forward fully fleshed out cultural sets. Iconic outfits from other Conan media would also be most welcome. I don’t care if the pieces are added into the existing crafting tree as in game unlockables or even as paid DLC if the price is right. Right now my clanies and I look like carbon copies of one another. I’ll leave some inspiration below.




Nemedian helmet, Stygian desert robes, High priest of Set, Shemite chainmail, Vanir chainmail and alternate helmets.

*Notice how these armors cover most of a persons vital organs and major blood vessels and not just the nipples.

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I’m totaly for a lot of new armor, maybe, first, a light / medium / heavy armor set for each culture.

Especially aquilonian heavy armor.

"Aquilonian smiths make some of the finest plate armour and helms in all the world. Their knights are truly a powerful force with this armour. Their armies primarily rely on cavalry while spearmen are provided from Gunderland and archers from the Bossonian marches. "

However, for now, Aquilonian armor is only a medium leather armor.

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Oh yes, please bring in more armor; especially some from age of conan. The assassin sets and ranger sets were so good!



Likely my last post about this stuff. Please though variety is the spice of life! We the people need more cultural armor/ clothing and iconic Hyborian Age gear! If nothing else from these posts is ever implemented I need that generic chainmail hauberk!


There’s more Armour available than just what you unlock via feats…you just need to find the recipes.

I know, but it’s not enough!:crazy_face:

Absolutely , but most of all I would like to see the armors not become obsolete like one is better than the other, but have always some pros and cons for environments, load, speed and so on .

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I’m not sure if the designers get a chance to look at these post but I wanted to talk about something I read ina recent dev blog. I can appreciate that the designers want to make every armor set eye catching and badass. I feel though there is also a demand for a few more basic pieces out there. I think players will appreciate having things like understated chainmail shirts and basic cultural garb without all the high level MMO flair. I hope I’ve gotten at least some of my point across with this.

Oh and since we still have a distinct lack of cultural shields I’ll share an image of the venerable Cimmerian shield design that has appeared in Conan media for decades.

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Yes, we definitely need a generic mail hauberk as well well as generic scale mail. Also every cultural armor should come in all three weight classes, this is currently only the case for Nordheimer (Vanir) armor as far as I know.