Worst looking armors

There are many armors in the game and only a handful I see people using. And that is because they are ugly, unpractical and just a gapstopper.

Too costy because getting rhino hides a hassle and it looks just plain ugly. Like some intern made it in his free time.

Kambujan Shaman
It is cheap but the looks of it. Even your mother wouldnt want to hug you like this. And your enemies would laugh at you seeing you like this.

Stygian Raider
Very cheap to make for thralls but with the gap in the armor and the helmet it just looks worse than any other armors.

Hyrkanian Raider
How one can even move around in an armor like this is beyond me. Even holding a weapon in your hands in this armor looks impossible. Or move. And it looks so much different than in Age of conan. I would love to see more Hyrkanian armors overall and for this one to get a redisgn. I would love for it to look more personalized.

Yeah your taste in armors is just your taste, nothing more.
I absolutely LOVE how those armors look, and those hides can be farmed in minutes.
Say what you want about how bad the game actually plays and how many bugs there are, but Funcom’s art department is just absolutely brilliant.


You know, you’d get more sympathy all around if you spent more time defining how you’d like future armors to look than disparaging the ones we have. The devs put time and effort into them and you’ll likely find plenty of players actually like them as is.

Do some ground work, present some options, be positive. You’re much more likely to get what you want.


I love my Flawless Hyrkanian. It makes me look like some kind of monster!

We dye armors all the time, and dye makes a great difference. Try it!


I really love Stygian Raider… don’t know what you’re talking about :smile: (except the helmet, I don’t like the helmet)


Yeah when I wear Stygian I generally go open faced, or wear the headband. Like any movie star hero (which, of course, I am) I want my hair blowing in the breeze and my face showing.


Lol… Oh, I wear the helmet, even if I don’t like it… I kinda think of it like it was a super-hero costume, as an anonymizer :smile:

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I love the hyperborean slaver and aquilonian, I just don’t like the fact that the helmets give me an instant haircut.
So I just wear an eye patch instead.

I don’t like the reptile armor, I think it’s the helmet that does it for me.

With Stygian Raider (and many armors) it’s mostly a matter of texture and dyes. I actually love the Stygian Raider armor except for the helmet and gloves, just not the default colors.

I do agree about the Hyrkanian Raider armor though, it could use an overhaul of almost all parts except the pants.

Could be worst and be like Ark and only have 5 armor sets and 1 cloth set.
We have a ton more options in CE in armor sets and weapons. :yum:

LOL, Thanks for this one mate !
Yeah i’m not fond of that one either, but we are all different and i’m sure others actually like the kambujan armor.

We can be happy to have that many different looking armors available…and more are still coming obviously :smiley:

As long as i have 2 cool looking light armors, 1 for the desert/swamp and 1 for the snow i’m fine.

Could not hurt to have even more options though :smiley: just in order to get things changed from time to time.

i wished they were different look of helmets (like the vanir earings opposed to the heavy vanir helmet for ex)
like a less covering version of the dafari mask and the zammorian thief. i didn’t choose this nice haircut for no reason when i created my character…

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I like the different typs and look of armor. Sure, not every armor fits my taste but I don’t bother. There is only one thing I miss about armors as they are right now. You have about twice as many armors for cold resistance than for heat. It just looks like the content is primarly made for north as it is suspected to be endgame region. But personaly, I still play very often in the hot region, too. And I would very mutch appreciate at least a second armor for entering the volcano area. Perhaps a medium one?


I like Kambujan Shaman; I think it does an even better job of looking like anti-cold armor than the Vanir armors do. (Especially Vanir Settler, which is cute, but silly.) I also kind of like Stygian Raider; it looks sleek and villainous.

No, my pick for the ugliest armor in the game is Cimmerian Steel, because it doesn’t even look finished; no detailing at all, just a few very repetitive textures. I can’t shake the suspicion this was either the last or one of the last of the armors, just barely knocked out under deadline pressure – am I wrong?

Only barely better: the silly-looking skirt on ordinary Medium armor.

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Totally disagree with Aquilonian and Stygian. In general i love this game armor designs and their physics, pretty less the way ink actues in some of them. My favourite is Derketo, for it’s design and for it’s physics. If I have to say one meh perhaps reptilian or khitan medium.

I really like the Stygian raider armor.

I love this armor, it’s very beautiful on women, a little weird on men because they have nipples exposed. This armor equips all my Thralls, really inexpensive to make.

I really like the armor that exposes our character, it’s very much in the Conan spirit. Stygian and Aquilonian armore are the best armor for me.

Hyrkanian armor si cool also. If you don’t like these armor, I think you doesn’t really like the Conan universe.

Could not disagree with you more on the Aqualonian Armor. By far my favorite armor in the game so far.

Just because YOU dislike something that does not mean EVERYONE does.

I like the hyena armor i get it early and use it but it has useless stats so i drop it fairly fast as i move north + i saw in the patch notes ‘All kinds of Hyena Fur Armor should now be accessible’ well where? i have not seen anything.
Some of the better looking gear just has impractical stats and i hate that i cant put on a heavy helm when useing outher armors without moveing like ive been kicked in the backside why when i am wearing light gear and put a heavy helm on do i automatically move like i have on all heavy gear?

Worst looking armour and the first one is about easy obtained rhino hides? :rofl:

The big problem with armour is really the min/max attribute stat race. Many are dismissed on this alone.



First of that: Please move conan armor to the bench and allow flawless versions.
Second: Please add stats to black hand armor - also decide wether its light or medium, because one part of it only requires light stuff for it. Including proper armor for the new black hand pieces.

Oh, last time I checked (though that was a few weeks ago, I think prior to 500 fixes patch) the medium lemurian armor in flawless gave just as many stats at their normal version.

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