Colors on the armor sets

Hello everyone,

I have been messing around with colors and it been a little disappointing to be honest. I like the crafting system of the colors but the color on Armor is way to dark or has not effect at all :’(

I did try to make lighter colors but still it really hard to tell on the armor. I might also have missed something but is there no black color?

I would suggest making some more color areas on the armor and making it more noticeable :slight_smile:

What do people think about this or did i miss something?


I hear you need a special alchemist from purges to make black and white dyes.

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You are correct. I think you are talking about leather armors like Royal, Aquilonian and maybe even some more. But at least in this cases you are unable to make change colors… It is ■■■■■■■ me of for a long time and i expected this to be fixed with official release, but it seems we still need to wait. I hope they are aware of this issue, but i guess it will be pretty low on their list

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About special purge crafters. THIS WOULD BE GREAT! if… you could really make the purge come, AND if there was 95% human army invasion… I dont like hyenas, wolfs, bugs or what ever animal can attack you as a purge… i dont do or build that much so purge wont hit me that often so i guess i have no chance to get special crafters for black and white dye, flawless epic aquilonian armor, and other good stuff

That’s probably just because the purge system is broken.
Once they fix it we’ll probably get more purges. I’m level 60 and have had 0 purges since official release…
The bar is full too. Has been for a while.

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There is no black? :smiley:

Dark green and midnight blue is so dark they are almost looks black.

but @Funcom_Community all my oranges looks like brown on my zamoran armor!!! tell the programmers to boost those brightness and saturation values a lot more plz.


Yeah, that would be great :smiley:

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Went to use dark red tonight and it was so dark it looked black as well so I just left it.

Some of them need a bit brighten up I think.


The colors, both light and dark, seem fine to me.

All the colors I’ve used so far has been what they are supposed to be, what platform are you on

It is on some of the medium armor and a few heavy armor set where the colors are way to dark to be noticed. This is even a problem with the bright colors.

I’m on the PS4, will try an take a pic tonight and post it if I get the chance to show you what I mean. Not sure what the OP is playing on though

Check orange colors. (On PC) especially on a zamoran armor they become dark brown-ish
Light orange is red-ish, and on some parts it is straight up yellow nothing like the dye color itself.

And cursed green (not even dark green) is almost black with a slight greenish tint in it.

The only place I found orange becomes orange is on fur armors, but there they are just darker slightly then supposed to.

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