Armor colering system to Dark and mixed?

The Armor coloring system in conan is actually a great system. However, may i suggest that you devs use a white base that is pre colored? :sweat_smile: That would make it so when you get an items that can be colored it will show the correct color when added. :smiley:

Right now when you use the color on armor it adds your color on top of the pre set color(not white base). This must be a mistake! :rofl: You need to have a white or silver base to really show the true colors you add to a armor part. :sunglasses:

If you have a colored base and then add another color, then you will mix the two colors and you don’t want that :exploding_head: This will give you a wrong resolute and in most cases a really dark color result. :sob:

The more that i think about it this might be a bug but i am not sure :cry: