Amor dyeing needs a fix badly

Hey, so armor dying has always been a bit buggy and sad…could we get a fix? Some armor pieces, ex. silent legion chest, dont dye well and most people mix and match armor sets so it is very hard to get them dyed nice when different pieces dye different with the same colors.

The new vault armors dye horribly, it’s very lame since a couple of the pieces are best in slot. The wolf helm would be amazing but you can only change 2 colors on it. There seems to be a third color that is black and really ruins any dye job.


Yes, the wolf helm even when dyed (especially white) has very noticeable dark tinge.which makes it look grey. Imo, two colours is fine for a rather simple piece, just needs that hidden color removed so it can shine in lighter colors.

I’m also unable to dye the main metal encasement of the Vicious waistguard. There’s only an option for the small skull in the middle and the fur underlining.


Please funcom do include a dying fix/tweak/quality of life update in a patch soon. I can show off many options for bad dying, like I cant dye silent legion well at all, and u cant mix it with another set well cause the other sets dye differently.

Pure blue on frost giant boots (as the fur trim) is a different shade of blue than pure blue used on the void dragon chest piece (2nd color I think).

This would be a major two thumbs up for the community, and grand for future DLC’s and any updates with newer armorer!!! Playing with different styles keeps players going and I would love to be able to have my perfectly dyed vicious/wolf/frost giant/guardian setup!

Also some armor pieces just dont dye well at all, like the slaver/vicious chest, a revamp could fine tune that a bit too so we can dye the emblem. A little tender loving care should be given to armor, I dont think it has been adjusted in this way ever. Side perks: shouldn’t be cost/labor intensive to do, will overjoy the majority of players, could be released as a free part of a patch with a dlc focused on armor: ie like the usual 3 new armors, some sort of armorer/blacksmith styled building set and a few other bonus items. Maybe include an armor display as a free thing too, everyone has been asking for for a long time.

Everyone please share your thoughts!!!

What do you think @Ignasis ?


The silvered blue is one of my faves, on items like khitan heavy chest its a sweet silver metal color but on other pieces its a weird shiny purple. The metal look is amazing, people like shiny lol.

I’m not into RP whatsoever, but I do care about uniformity/balance, and I think the new colours they added are really good. I’ve come to appreciate my he-yooge dyeing bench lately.

Tbh some suggestions are a bit idealistic. There’s a multitude of simple things that need adjusting such as delved weapons Vs vault weapons eldarium cost difference. Armor crafting speed inconsistencies. Pets like the Scorpion Queen who do little damage disheartening players who took the time to find and train them, Shields that can’t be hung on display; just to name a few.

The Zamorian Thief chest has a large, tan, leather area that still isn’t able to be dyed much to the dismay of many a wannabe ninja, even though players suggested a fix for that too back in 2018.

As much as some would like, there most likely won’t be any fine tuning with color going on, but we can hope to at least be able to dye all parts of Armor pieces some day, and of course remove any offending hidden color casts in future.

I think it would be a good move if they focused on fixing and adjusting all the seemingly ‘little things’ for a while that significantly impact a regular players experience… It would lift the games image considerably. After all, quality is in the details.


Definitely agree :slight_smile: everyones been asking for things like this for a bit :slight_smile:

There is a lot more important issues than this. I rather take their effort to fix thralls or improve their netcode. Than spending a second in this. This is not game breaking. But other issues are.

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I guess we should have slated this discussion on general improvements for a post-crippling bugs slot some time in the future in case some genius somehow assumed we didn’t realize that missing colors were less important than game breaking bugs. :clap:

Meh, they should fix issues that have been in the game for 5 years too, but nothing happens if no one brings them up. Thralls, purges, even climbing have never worked right but just hope for tiny improvements.

You get used to how broken it can be patch to patch, so might as well ask for dyes to be fixed. That seems way more readily doable

Yes I agree, a piece of metal, a piece of leather, a piece of silk, or a piece of cloth… they should in my opinion always colour the same.

So, for example: white leather should always colour the same of other leather parts (same as the other materials).

Yes, I was being sarcastic, referring to the condescending post above mine. Of course people can discuss other bugs at the same time, it doesn’t automatically mean they think it takes precedence over more serious bugs. How one could assume so when no demand for an immediate fix was presented herein says a lot about their ego though.

Yea, for sure. I just want it added into the never ending “to do” list :slight_smile: