Please update Dye colors

Can you please when you have time please update the Dye colors to have more colors, and have the ones that exist represent their actual real world color names. (i.e Royal purple is nothing like actual Royal purple, and there is no real Red. most of them are dark greys.)

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Depends what you put them on. The dyes are super inconsistent. On one item, they can be bright, on another, they are a murky blah.


Ratio of leathers, metals, cloth, and stitchings and how they take colors ?


Sure, more colors would be nice! Some metallics maybe… :slight_smile:

“Blood Red” is real “Red” BTW…

Its Conan, use real red blood to get blood red …atleast till it dries.


Blood red is actually a shade of Orange. There is no real existing red in game atm. “Red” is the closest thing to a real red but it’s too dark to be that.

LOL, no… my Color IQ is too high to believe that. It’s real red… Blood red!

Of course with yellow torch lights or yellow sunshine - it may appear a bit orange sometimes.

LOL, In a world where red is really blue… And the sky according to cosmologists, is actually a dull dim purple. :wink:

But whatever, it’s pretty hard to argue with actual digital measurements. The Icons have some green in them (more in the darker areas) but generally not enough to affect much:


So now we have samples of it in the GUI, and as applied to neutral materials. All red in neutral materials and red enough to be called red in the GUI. And there is no hint of blue to be found anywhere at all. So not sure where that information you posted comes from but it seems to be false or at least outdated - unless you’ve left the game entirely and are now talking about something made up that Adobe pulled out of their butts… :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason colors don’t appear as you might think they do is because they tint the areas they affect. If you all are looking for actual color codes and such, the devkit is a free download and has all the information you could want.



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