No more WOW shoulder pads PLEASE

A lot of the newer armors realllllly suffer from excessive, indeed HUGE, “shoulder armor.” Please stop. I don’t play WOW for MANY reasons and that’s one of them. Right now I’m begging modders to remove the hideous things on the current armors. Please, in future, don’t do this anymore.

Mods are optional? Don’t download the mod if you don’t like it.

I don’t think you understand. The in-game armors are the ones that have the huge shoulder pads. Ergo I am reduced to begging modders to take them OFF. I am asking FC to stop ruining otherwise beautiful armors with huge WOW shoulderpads!


Which armors do you feel have excessive shoulder protection?

I can’t think of an armor with excessively huge shoulders in the game. Most are accurate to the lore. Can you provide examples? All that comes to mind is the Lemurian light set, and even that isn’t huge.

These spring to mind.

The first one is especially awful. Imagine how great that top would look without them!

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I actually really like both of those armor’s pauldrons (shoulder pads are padded inserts for formal wear btw). WoW pauldrons are much larger than anything I’ve seen in Conan lol. I think the largest shoulders in Conan might be from the heaviest Khitan set? Still those are not nearly big enough to compete with say this in WoW:

You’re right that they do not look like pauldrons. The DO look like terrible 80’s shoulderpads. Which is why I called them that.

No one is talking about a mod. So, I’m not sure what you are on about.

Here’s hoping they add vanity slots.

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Pretty accurate repesentation to what’s i the lore/comics/short stories/movies tbh, the second set shoulder area is leather attached to cloth, which honestly would look lile that. The first set is a shaman set again leather protections fastened to cloth, which again would be accurate to how it should look. I don’t understand the arguement. In no way are they absurdly large or in any way unrealistic

I think the argument boils down to “They look ugly, can modders please make a version that better suits my atheistic preferences for tiny/non-existent shoulder armor…”

Oh, regarding the lemurian survival dress… Those shoulder parts look silly. xD Rest of it is just fine, but those shoulders… :frowning:

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