New weapons and gear maybe?

yea so we were thinking of some weapon types we would like to see, whips, sai, tanfa, flails and maybe rapiers as weapons, then we would like to see head gear that are capes and cloaks. anyone else wanting these items in the game?

No crashes?.. maybe…

tahts not weapon, a gamee will always have crashes, thats just the reality of remote servers.

I would like to see a type of slingshot for using rocks and such as throwing weapons would add more range to orbs too

A sling would be a great weapon to be crafted before bows and also basic spears/javelins

And yeah capes and cloaks please :+1:

Before adding more content they must focus on fix the game, otherwise you will have more bugged weapons and armor.

I agree with you 100% the current issues need to be the focus but it is also fun the theory craft and make ideas

I know many modders like to look at ideas on forums and see what they can make work so that’s why these discussions are fun to have

indeed, just for when they do go to add stuff

that i can agree with, but as of right now on ps4 none of the bugs are game breaking for me, some items vanish sure but that will be fixed soon enough

Remember as is often said in the suggestion forum the people who work on things like weapon models usually aren’t the same one who fix bugs. Thus there is a possibility we could have new weapons and fewer bugs. I have a whole thread with new armor ideas if you anyone is interested in checking it out.