Suggestion: Weapons & armors


Adding tons of cool weapons to the game is somthing funcom does very well. Tho i have put my mind to a creative corner to suggest now.

Pistols (jk ofc)

Semi-Range specifc weapons
Whips as long slaves were whipped with (pls rpers no out of context)
Chains w blade or solid mace head or spike head on the edge (like a gladiator)

Weapons melee
Dual-wielding swords
Off hand weapons
Fist weapons

Ranged Weapons
Vials (more options)

Melee (no weapon)
recipies found in world
New fighting styles hand to hand like in the old gta games.


To be specific here i like the armors they add in the game so this is practical over apperance

Legendaries with unique perks like,

Boots (movement speed slight increase) if 1 is standard then add .2 so it look like 1.2 or 3
Pants like lifeblood spear (since ani cancel i see this being valid as u always have ur weapon equipped)
Chest (unique perk again take my fantasy w a grain of salt) but w a perk once u dodge u heal but like lets say max health is 300 then it heals for 12.5

I would like to see alot of creative suggestions here as my examples are not the best but some for the table.

What is a Schyte?


Ideas are always good but they also need to be lore friendly otherwise it is unlikely to see them implemented in the base game.

@JJDancer I guess they mean scythes.

A scythe like a grim reaper scythe would not be practical unless it was constructed out of very expensive materials because the angle of the blade is almost perpendicular to the handle which would create a lot of force on the connection between them, causing breakage to be common.

so true,
that’s why when scythes actually were used in battle they got modified into Glaive-like polearms, like so


Yes that was exactly what i ment, always had issues spelling that word, thank you for the correction.

I btw have no clue if they are lore specific but i guess some of the suggestions are i hope to see alot more suggestions from other players

Cool idea brotha!

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