A few ideas for new building and armor sets: Nemedian/AoC Themed

So lately there have been a lot of ideas being forwarded about potential DLC sets in regard to cultures and by and large they are all awesome. But for me there is room for at least a few more armors to be ported over from Age of Conan, or at least only somewhat re-imagined.

Likewise while the Aquilonian and Argossean DLC’s are great for giving us a marble wonderland, I know that I and other are left wanting for something a bit more gritty and down to earth from a classical building type. Something that is just a bit more down to earth- brick plaster and limestone rather than the aforementioned marble palaces. Take for example the following pics. Some late Roman/Byzantine architecture for the walls some nice stone roads for floor tiles and a dome to flesh out the one glaring omission from the Argos and Aquilonia building sets.

Building set reference photos

ancient road 2
ancient road 3

But what about the armor you may ask? Well a very good pairing for that building set would be one of the best armor themes in AoC, the Nemedian set. Here already imagined is a good light, medium and heavy set - the scout, the legionary and the knight and the scouts helm model is already an asset in the game! How about that! One less art asset to make! Really though these designs are fantastic and it wouldnt take much to spruce them up and make some design adjustments to get them to fit the theme of Exiles.

Nemedian Armor Sets

Nemedian Knight
Nemedian Knight

Nemedian Legionary
Nemedian Legionary 2

Nemedian Scout
Nemedian Scout

Don’t get me wrong - I would be keen to see many, many corners of the Hyborian era detailed in DLC, particularly if more maps come out (and especially if there is ever a pivot towards single player content!) but until actual factions and thralls representing those corners are also part of the game it just seems better to be to work in the frame work of the peoples already there. And given that Hyborians are a bread and butter staple of both players and thralls alike… why not make one more to in that theme both to close the design caps building wise and bring one of the coolest parts of AoC’s faction designs into Conan Exiles.

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This brought back a bunch of memories about the wild lands of zelata. rassum-frassum gosh durn nemedians.

I used to love the Nemedian Legionnaire set on my female crossbow archer. It was such a cute set!

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