Suggestions for August DLC

I noticed the buildings in the ad for the new Aquilonian DLC and looking forward to it. I’m hoping that arches and vaulted ceilings, arched doorways may be part of that. I’ve been wanting to build an arched bridge over a section of water, but the arch itself can’t be done with the current shapes available. (More blocky than rounded)

Marble is going to be fun to build with and hope tiling for the floor has several styles and shapes to work with for floors and walls. Romans were renowned for their vaulted ceilings, arches and other architectural features, so looking forward to adding this style to my current fortified town. I thought the interior of the Witch Queen’s throneroom was gorgeous and would like to be able to match that to some degree.


It would be nice if they revised the preview to incorporate cylindrical columns as opposed to the squared off ones they showed. It would also be nice to have arches, as mentioned. But I think that might not be coming, even though they could use the inverted wedges to do it without changing the system or adding anything new.


I agree wholeheartedly! I’ve found but one mod that provides arches with cylindrical columns and it needs to be a vanilla building object. I’m tired of square columns and I need arches for the proper aesthetic. I’m just hoping they’ll consider this because it does mean adding more than just equivalents to the tiers they’ve got both in vanilla and in the first dlc. Using inverted wedges would be the perfect idea for arches though, so I hope thy take that into consideration. You could really do so much with a building if those were a thing. It needs to happen!


I saw statues in the screenshots. I only saw one female. Can we get more female statues classical Greek/Roman, or even better goddesses mentioned throughout the Conan lore (not just basic ones like Crom)?


I’d also like to see more female statues. I’ve really been hoping for more Goddesses as well. As it is there is only one benevolent deity (Mitra) so far. I’d like to see a benevolent or semi-benevolent Goddess in game.

Agreed. I was really disappointed when I saw the columns. I wish they’d try a little harder here instead of JUST recoloring things.

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Roman skin? PFFFFF to fit into Connan’s world? It’s ridiculous, this is Chinese!