A bit of a weapon wishlist (I hope you like pictures!)

Now, there’s already plenty of variety in the different styles and appearances of weaponry we can use in Conan Exiles, and with the katana and whatever’s in that Yamatai DLC down the line we’re going to have even more before terribly long.


So anyway, I thought I’d share some ideas I wouldn’t mind seeing. Whether as official additions to the game or mods, I’m not picky, mainly because I’m not expecting any of these to actually get added anyway. I just felt like sharin’ is all. So let’s get started.

First up is one of my favorite swords, the Han jian. The one we got with the Khitai DLC is cool and all, but I just really like the clean lines of these things. I mean look at these:

Sooooo pretty…

And here’s a lady in armor with one 'cause she just looks awesome:

Next we have the niuweidao. Yeah, there’s a few Chinese weapons in here. I’m Khitai 'til I die.
These would be especially cool if they were to add a dual-swords mechanic (or if one were playing with the exiled_lands_improved mod).

Then we have the changdao:
Yeah, it’s basically a Chinese katana. But hey, that just means the game will already have a relevant moveset, right? Eh? Eh? Ehhhhhhhh?

Finally from China, we have butterfly swords:

So more daggers, basically.

Moving on! Hey, Vendhya is Conan!India, right? Well then why don’t we show them some love with the gloriously weird Indian khanda:

…Okay, maybe that last one is overdoing it a bit.

Another entry for the katana archetype would be the dha, a sword widely used throughout Southeast Asia:

This could either be a Kambujan weapon (Kambuja being an old name for Cambodia), or perhaps Lemurian since their architecture already shows a strong Khmer influence.

And then there’s the yatagan sword:


I mean, look at those hilts. These are Ottoman weapons, so maybe uh…Turanian? I don’t know. I just think they look cool.

And finally, last but not least…

I mean come on, we already got the Atlantean sword, may as well add this one too.


It’d better be a top-end Legendary though (yes I’m aware it breaks in the movie) but come on, that design is just too awesome to waste (like the Atlantean one was) as some mid-tier that no-one uses outside of hanging on their wall.

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Some great stuff in there! Thanks for the pictures.

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